Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?

part I

by Mae Brussell, from The Realist August 1972

My research on political assassinations, election manipulations and clandestine government is not political. Democrats as well as republicans contribute to murdering and concealing their crimes.

If the exposure of our CIA, its methods of operation and secret fundings comes in an election year, that is a coincidence and not planned. For nine years I have written and telephoned public officials in the hope they would examine the evidence of conspiracies that exist in Washington, D.C.

The Watergate Affair is too large for the Democratic Party to prosecute or investigate. The best objective minds, not like the hand-picked Warren Commission, must work together. We must follow the pieces of scotch tape left in the door latches of the Watergate Hotel that led to the arrests, and continue to open more and more doors.

"The Greek military government that took over in 1967 has not proven itself to be as horrendous a specter to contemplate as most people thought it would."

The Watergate Hotel, located in Washington, D.C., is the home of John and Martha Mitchell. John Mitchell, former Attorney General of the U.S., resigned that impressive appointment to head the all-important Committee to Reelect Richard Nixon.

Also housed in the Watergate Hotel complex are the offices of the Democratic National Committee.

In the early morning hours of June 17, 1972, five men were arrested removing parts of the ceiling from the 6th floor panels in the Democratic National Headquarters. These men possessed expensive electronic equipment, cameras, walkie-talkies, burglary tools, various James Bond accessories, and rubber gloves to conceal their identities. Two of the men arrested also were comforted with the telephone number of Howard Hunt, White House Consultant. Hunt had worked with the CIA for 21 years.

James McCord, Jr., employed as Chief of Security for Mitchell's Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon, was one of the five men arrested. McCord was formerly employed by the CIA for 19 years. His position with the CIA was Chief of Security over the entire grounds, the immense compound at Langley, Virginia.

Nine persons, all registered with false names taken from CIA novels written by Howard Hunt, stayed at the Watergate Hotel May 26-29 and again June 17 & 18. Five of them, the night of their arrest, had been discovered when security guard Frank Wills noticed pieces of Scotch tape over the door locks. Washington police arrived and made the arrests.

All of the five men caught in the Democratic headquarters were connected with the CIA in some way. The other relationship they had in common was having worked together for the CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

The Cast of Characters

The Five Men Arrested at the Watergate:

1. James McCord, Jr., alias Edward Martin

Native of Texas, Wife attended Baylor College, Texas; on Board of Directors, McCord Associates, Inc.

Sister, Dorothy Berry, employed by an oil company in Houston; also on Board of Directors, McCord Associates, Inc.

Lieutenant colonel in Air Force Reserves.

Served in FBI 1948-51 as radio operator.

CIA from 1951-1970, former Chief of Security for "Fairfax Highway Research Station," otherwise known as the CIA.

Recently was paid $750 to address the Chief of Police Association on Security.

Served with special 16-man unit attached to the White House, having to do with "emergencies, radicals, and contingency plans" in case of war. Specialized on "censorship of news media and U.S. mail."

Salaried Security Coordinator for the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon.

Under contract for McCord Associates, inc., to provide all security for the Republican National Convention in Miami.

Worked with the CIA at the time of the Bay of Pigs.

2. Bernard Barker, alias Frank Carter, alias "Macho"

Prominent in republican party in Miami. Known in Miami for his "important contacts in Washington." Close friend of Frank Sturgis (also arrested) for 11 years.

Close associate with exile Cuban community in Miami.

Name of Howard Hunt, White House consultant, with him at the time of their arrest.

Partner for four years of Michael Suarez, Miami attorney; gave his name to police when arrested. Used Ameritus, the organization Suarez heads, for hotel reservations at the Watergate.

Met with Howard Hunt, on payroll to the White House, in Miami four years before the arrest. Hunt and Barker worked very closely together planning the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Conduit of funds for the CIA; payment of recruits for Bay of Pigs invasion. Hunt did the planning of the operation.

Worked with Frank Bender, CIA, who recruited the Army for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Set up a secret seven-man team in April, paid provocateurs from Miami, to demonstrate at J. Edgar Hoover's resting place.

Transferred secret $89,000 from Mexican bank to Miami [R]epublican National Bank. $30,000 paid for Watergate expedition and equipment. $10,000 was for Washington demonstrations. $6,500 with the men when arrested.

Approached architect Leonard Glass eight months before the conventions for "floor plans and air conditioning plans of the Democratic Convention halls." Offered Glass "business in South America" in exchange for the air-conditioning plans of Convention Hall in Miami. Had "important connections" in Washington.

Part-time business partner of Howard Hunt in Central America.

Served with the Secret Police of dictator Fulgencio Batista in Cuba.

Officer in the U.S. Army, World War II.

Close to Manuel Artime, who commanded landing forces at Bay of Pigs.

In 1964, was a conduit of CIA funds to commanders being trained in Nicaragua for anti-Castro harassment raids.

Background of intelligence; well-connected to U.S. intelligence.

Had some knowledge of Miami conventions; told people that "something is going to happen" and "interesting things are afoot."

Planned demonstrations for both Miami conventions to support the Vietnam war in general and Nixon's bombing of Haiphong Harbor in particular.

Barker lost citizenship ten years ago. Researchers in Senate and House Judiciary Committees and Immigration subcommittees said they had no records of legislation introduced to restore Barker's citizenship.

Had instructions to call Howard Hunt, White House consultant, if in trouble.

3. Frank Sturgis, alias Joseph Hamilton, Frank Fiorini, and a dozen known aliases

Worked with Castro's Cuban military before leaving Cuba. Named by Castro to be overseer of gambling operations in Havana before Castro removed Syndicate.

U.S. Marines, World War II, served in South Pacific.

Key figure in Bay of Pigs invasion.

Lost U.S. citizenship in 1960; got it back with aid of Senator Smathers.

Close friend of Diaz Lanz, Cuban exile community, involved with right-wing movements such as the John Birch Society and Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade.

Extensive CIA contacts.

Part-time employee of Pan-American Aluminum Company in Havana.

Most-travelled of the group; holds Mexican passport.

At time of arrest, had birth certificate, two driver's licenses and Social Security card with name of Joseph Hamilton.

Lieutenant, Reserve in Civil Air Patrol.

Close association, over 20 years, and source of information for columnist Jack Anderson.

Pilot of plane for International Anti-Communist Brigade that went over Havana after Bay of Pigs invasion.

Travelled recently to Honduras. Had visa from Mexican government to visit Mexico from January 7 to April 6 of this year.

Registered as a Democrat, rounding up support of Nixon's policies.

Busy getting demonstrators to Miami; organizing demonstrations.

Close friend of Bernard Barker for 11 years.

Sturgis was among those questioned by the FBI after John Kennedy's death because of his activities. His home had been an arsenal complete with a 20 millimeter cannon. Carlos Prio Socarras, former president of Cuba, was planning demonstrations for the conventions. He worked with Permindex, David Ferrie, and the entire Miami-Houston-Havana group named by independent researchers in association with Kennedy's death. Did Sturgis and Socarros work together in 1963? Are they connected in any way, by banks or weapons, with 1972?

4. Eugenio Martinez

Served with Castro's army, then became anti-Castro guerrilla fighter.

Violated immigration laws, 1958, flying private plane to Cuba.

Licensed real estate agent, notary public, Miami.

Works with Bernard Barker's real estate office. Barker got his real estate license only last year. No mention where Martinez worked before that time.

Connections with the CIA; Howard Hunt's White House name, phone number, in his address book at time of arrest.

Worked closely with Virgilio Gonzales, exile Cubans, military trained. Ex-Combatientes from Fort Jackson, South Carolina; 800 men from Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 were moved to S.C. in 1963. Close association of military trained exile Cubans in Miami and Washington, D.C.

Working with Young Republicans scheduled to arrive in Miami for 1972 conventions.

5. Virgilio Gonzales

Formerly a barber in Cuba.

Employee at Missing Link Key Shop as a locksmith, Miami.

Became known as "pro-American, anti-Castro" in U.S.

Associated with Eugenio Martinez,

Ex-Combatientes, Cuban exiles.

A friend of Angel Ferrer, who is president of Ex-Combatientes and closely associated with U.S. trained troops, veterans, trained by the U.S. Army, met in Miami with important American friends.

The Four Suspects Who Got Away:

1. Angel Ferrer

The press gave his name as one of the suspects. But Washington police and the FBI would not give out their names. Ferrer was supposed to have been registered at the Watergate Hotel.

Had important ties with anticommunist activists in Miami.

Trained with the men at Fort Jackson that were associated with Martinez and Gonzales.

Offered Washington persons "direct action to combat what they view as left-wing causes in the United States."

2. Suspect - "man from Kansas"

3. Suspect - "man from New York"

4. Suspect - "man from New York"

Other Names Mentioned, Not Arrested

1. Howard Hunt, alias "Eduardo"

Worked in CIA for 21 years.

Ivy League New Yorker, field man for CLA in Latin America, Spain, Far East.

Wrote 45 novels for the CIA -- science-fiction, detective, short stories. Pseudonyms: Robert Dietrich, John Baxter, Gordon Davis. Senior member of a Special Task Force during two periods of national emergency; participant in White House conferences on security matters.

Planning director for Bay of Pigs invasion; worked closely with Barker, conduit of funds for Bay of Pigs.

Developed and guided media operations abroad and negotiated with senior officials of foreign countries for CIA.

Defense Department counsel, 1957-1960.

Military service, Navy Reserve, U.S. Army Air Corps.

Conservative republican.

White House consultant, 1971-72 on Pentagon Papers and Narcotics Intelligence.

Shared offices with Robert Bennett of Mullen & Company. Bennett, through 75-90 "dummy" organizations, raised the secret $10-million for Nixon's Committee.

Spoke up against radicals, black protestors at Brown University alumni; deplored "the lack of patriotism in youth."

Left Washington, New York, maybe the U.S. after his friends were arrested.

White House desk, examined by FBI after he fled, contained a pistol and two walkie-talkies that could connect to the walkie-talkies confiscated at the time of the Watergate arrests.

Worked in offices of Robert Bennett of Mullen & Company, public relations firm, in 1969, while still with CIA. Close friend and attorney Douglas Caddy shared the same offices; Caddy was co-founder of Young Americans for Freedom. Robert Mullen alleged to be CIA, as well as Caddy. Close links of CIA and Spiro Agnew through this office.

Business partner of Bernard Barker in Nicaragua, Santa Domingo.

2. Robert Bennett

Son of Senator Bennett, conservative republican, Utah.

President of Mullen public relations firm.

Offices directly across from the White House.

Shared desks with Howard Hunt, White House consultant; Bennett also shared offices for four years with Douglas Caddy, lawyer for McCord and the four others arrested.

Bennett's organization, The American Dream, refused to disclose the source of $10-million for Nixon's re-election. Admitted that the 75-90 committees to collect funds for Nixon's re-election were phony groups.

Robert Mullen supposedly CIA; co-founder of Young Americans for Freedom. Members of YAF are supporting Agnew for president.

3. President Richard M. Nixon

Occupant of the White House, Washington, D.C.

Selected agent of the CIA (see "How Nixon Actually Got Into Power" further on in this issue). Briefed daily by the CIA, National Security Council, White House consultants.

Directly linked to Special 16-man unit concerned with Emergency Plans and Preparedness. U.S. Military Reserves, concerned with 'radicals in the United States"; James McCord a member of this unit.

White House directly linked through walkie-talkies, private radio frequency to James McCord via Howard Hunt, 21 years with CIA.

Secretly funded with $10 million; no list of sources offered. The same funding that kept Richard Nixon in political position through his entire career. The funds would have been cut off in 1968 if he did not take Spiro Agnew as his vice-president.

4. John Mitchell

Former attorney for Nelson Rockefeller.

Appointed by Nixon to Attorney General of U.S.

Resigned Justice Dept. appointment in 1972 to head Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon.

Controls the Justice Dept. with Nixon; made no appointment to succeed J. Edgar Hoover. The White House and the CIA now manage the FBI from the Justice Dept.

Resides at Watergate Hotel with his wife, Martha.

5. Patrick Gray III

Resigned 20-year career in Navy -- graduate of Annapolis -- to work for Nixon's election in 1960. Helped Nixon campaign in 1968.

Sat with National Security Council and "observed Nixon" when Nixon was only vice-president.

Unknown to America, an "administrator," helped Nixon with anti-bussing, crime, drug abuse, wage and price controls.

Attacks the news media, people who criticize police brutality.

Halted the investigation in Los Angeles of the police murders of Jerrie Lee Amie and Reuben Salazar, Isla Vista riots.

Was Nixon's hatchet man to stop ITT investigation.

"Closed" Governor Wallace investigation; Arthur Bremer having "mental tests" when evidence of conspiracy exists.

Stayed at Newporter Inn, California, the same time as John Mitchell, following Watergate Hotel arrests. Martha Mitchell confined by force.

Not approved by Congress to be head of the FBI.

Too closely associated with Nixon, Mitchell, republican party to investigate political assassinations or arrests, crimes involving republican party.

President John Kennedy wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." The Bay of Pigs invasion caused him to realize that certain persons and powers dictate to the President. The CIA was fingered for their decision to make policies that belong to Congress and the citizens.

Members of the same CIA team that was active in the Bay of Pigs operation -- the training, planning and financing of that fiasco -- were working as a very strong team 11 years later when arrested at the Watergate Hotel. The decision-making organization of the CIA was tampering with the electoral process one more time around.

President Harry Truman said, "There was something about the way the CIA was functioning that has cast a shadow over our historical positions." Those observations were made in 1963, at which time Truman regretted his "building an American Gestapo."

The CIA is not new at altering the choice of candidates or presidents. Innocent people believe the electors have a choice of candidates through the primaries or by direct voting. The same CIA that killed President Kennedy because he won the majority of votes, eliminated opposition to Richard Nixon in every election that followed Kennedy's death. Murders, accidents, attempted murders through the use of hired killers, planted patsies, and news coverage that conceals the crimes, have been effective so far.

Two governments have existed side by side, one visible and one invisible, for many years. As the power structure gets more arrogant and sure of itself, the invisible becomes more clear and overt. If the truth about the Wallace shooting and Arthur Bremer are told, and if the Watergate Affair is exposed, you will see how invisible government agents go about their daily business.

The Democratic National Committee has placed a lawsuit against the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon for one million dollars. If the Democratic Party has the courage or if it is allowed to follow through with this suit, you will find the most fantastic duel in American political history.

U.S. Judge Charles R. Richey said, "I don't intend to make this into a political case." Democrats suing republicans has to be a political matter. Remarks by Judge Richey should be reason to disqualify him on the grounds of stupidity. The lawsuit placed between these two parties is not over a simple grabbing of votes at the election booths. The Democratic Party should try its best to wrangle truths of information out of that invisible government.

All the persons arrested, and each of their contacts and sources of funding, will be protected by every possible method. Several of the group have left the country. Others will refuse to talk. Every means of avoiding answers to questions will be used. But even silence will prove beyond a doubt that those arrested and the ones that got away from the Watergate Hotel were working for the CIA at the time of their arrest.

Extensive research on past political assassinations has revealed all the intricacies of the clandestine government. Although most members of the CIA deny the source of their funds or associations with the agency or with each other, their actions, finances and moving patterns can be recognized for what they are.

If the Democratic Party wishes to avoid a coup d'etat in the United States by the CIA, they should use researchers on the past political assassinations for their investigative work. District Attorney Jim Garrison in New Orleans and researchers like myself have been saying for many years that the CIA would damage the process of democratic elections.

Martha Mitchell made her Washington debut with sarcasm about war protestors who reminded her of "Russian revolutionaries." Three years later Martha wishes those same youths would come to her aid. When president Nixon held a press conference a few days after Ms. Mitchell was taken prisoner she complained that "nobody asked about me."

The youth of America had tried to tell people like Martha Mitchell that the president does not listen to any voices except a few. Why would he care to hear Martha's problems?

There was a smug complacency about the John Mitchell family in the days when he was promising this country that it was "going so far to the right we won't recognize it." Those were the carefree days when John and Martha were not caught in the bending process.

But did John Mitchell, one of the dirtiest, meanest men in political history, expose his "little sweetheart" to espionage agents doing some kinds of dirty work and distasteful acts? At what point did Martha have to be removed, silenced, and totally discredited?

The political princess, who once was cleared for classified materials when she worked with the Army Chemical Corps, was suddenly turned into a negligent, selfish mother who sat idly by while her son's teeth rotted away. From now on Martha gets the Dita Beard treatment with visits from Army doctors and psychiatrists.

Four days after the arrests at the Watergate Hotel, Martha Mitchell called a UPI reporter from Newport, California:

"I am sick and tired of politics."

"I gave (John) an ultimatum I would leave him if he didn't get out."

"I am a political prisoner."

"Politics is nothing but a cops and robbers game."

"I know dirty things."

"I saw dirty things."

"I am not going to stand for all those dirty tricks that go on."

"I am sick and tired of the whole operation."

"They threw me down on the bed, five men, and stuck a needle in my behind. A doctor stitched my fingers after the battle with five guards." (She had bruises on her arms and thighs.)

Martha's telephone conversation was bugged when she summoned the UPI for help from California. Her room was entered, the phone was pulled from the wall, and the silencing treatment began. A security agent from the Committee to Re-elect President Nixon gave Martha an injection in her behind and a doctor was called to stitch up her finger.

Martha next found herself in New York after saying, "They wanted to keep me here in California."

Patrick Gray III, acting head of the FBI from the Justice Dept., was staring at the same Newport hotel as the John Mitchell family following the arrests at the Watergate Hotel in Washington. Even Time magazine called that coincidence "suspicious."

Gray should have a reputation by now of stopping investigations that would lead to possible conspiracies. He halted the investigations of the Jerrie Lee Aime murder in L.A., the Reuben Salazar murder in L.A., the Isla Vista riots in Santa Barbara, the ITT investigation in Washington, and the George Wallace shooting in Maryland.

It is little wonder that our FBI chief would not come to the aid of the Mitchells and see who was making Martha a "prisoner" when he was staying in the same hotel.

A high summit meeting was held between John Mitchell and president Nixon. Both came out of it agreeing on two things: Wives of politicians sometimes have a difficult time entertaining themselves; and Martha only had "one guard" from the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon.

Nine men registered at the Watergate Hotel where the Mitchells lived. Four suspects were not yet found at the time this was written. One of the men arrested worked for the re-election committee. Did any of the other suspects work for John Mitchell's committee at the time they disappeared? Did Martha get four extra guards suddenly? Could John use his family for a cover in order to help four men leave Washington, D.C.?

Neither the long hours of work nor the absence of John Mitchell from his family ever bothered Martha before the Watergate arrests. She made it known publicly that she was angry when her husband gave up his position as Attorney General, which is more demanding than heading an election committee.

Was the discrediting of Martha Mitchell by Jack Anderson understandable when it became known that Frank Sturgis, one of the five men arrested at the Watergate, was a life-long friend and source of information for Jack Anderson's career?

John Mitchell resigned from the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon after Martha's remarks were printed around the world. His gesture that the family needed him -- "that little sweetheart, I love her so much" -- hardly resembled the Duke of Windsor when he abdicated for Wally Simpson.

The manner in which Martha was handled simply indicates how the fascist police agents are forced to treat any witness to their espionage acts. Parts of that invisible government were visible to Martha Mitchell and she panicked. Martha has to be a political prisoner because she was a witness to some kind of dirty work.

This year, 1972, is a very important year in American history. Provisions have been made to eliminate the outdated Constitution. The new version of democratic rights does not resemble anything but a fascist dictatorship. A new cabinet, designed by Roy Ash of Litton industries, would trim away every department except those of Defense, Treasury, State and Justice.

The same groups of people who put Hitler into power, and revived fascism in Greece and other countries, are determined to maintain their power and control over other people's lives. This decisive year will determine if that power will be maintained by manipulating candidates, assassinating politicians, or by creating a situation where martial law will become necessary so that elections can be cancelled.

Whenever a populist candidate appears to win an election which could bring about economic or social improvements for the masses, that person must be removed. The CIA that killed President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy did a test case in Greece on canceling elections.

Andreas Papandreou, often compared with John Kennedy, appeared to have a good chance of winning Greek elections in 1967. The U.S. Army, the CIA and government agencies helped replace their elections with a coup d'etat. A fascist dictatorship returned to Europe, the first since World War II.

The same CIA that helped fund the canceling of elections in Greece offered Richard Nixon the money he needed for his 1968 elections if he took political unknown Spiro Agnew as vice president.

Money to manage an election campaign is difficult to separate when you mix CIA funds with republican party dollars. Robert Mullen, chairman of Mullen & Company, shared his office space at various times with Howard Hunt, Robert Bennett and Douglas Caddy, all possibly CIA agents.

Robert Bennett, through this office, raised $10 million in secret funds for John Mitchell.

In 1968 Nixon was offered, through CIA conduit Tom Pappas and other sources, the funding he needed for elections if he took Agnew as vice president.

Robert Mullen played a large role in the campaign of Nixon-Agnew in 1968. Did the money four years ago come from the same secret funds, possibly CIA money, to Nixon for his last election?

These questions are important to ask now. Douglas Caddy, CIA attorney for the Watergate Five, was co-founder of the extremely right-wing republican group called Young Americans for Freedom. YAF was infiltrated in the fall of 1962 at the home of Robert Morris in Dallas.

A group of nazi-American military experts intended to help certain forces, by whatever means necessary, "to secure the White House by 1970 for the conservatives. A large number in this group support Agnew for president this year.

If security agents allow some members of YAF close to Richard Nixon, through important contacts in the White House, Agnew would not have to be elected. He would be the next president.

Can CIA funds, promised for the election campaigns, force Agnew on the republican ticket? Can CIA funds, channeled from Washington to Chile, to Mexico, then Miami, end up in the pockets of men at the Watergate Hotel who connected directly to a weapon and walkie-talkies in the White House?

Can persons associated with the extreme radical right-wing factions of the republican party, who think Nixon is a pinko because he went to Russia and China, or didn't invade Cuba, be financed through the CIA to create martial law and then kill Richard Nixon?

How many of the persons connected with secret funding of the Nixon team are associated with the more reactionary republicans?

Is the same CIA that offered Greek colonels assistance in their coup d'etat working with a large organization to create martial law in the U.S., having selected Agnew as their man?

The significance of the Watergate Affair is that every element essential for a political coup d'etat in the United States was assembled at the time of their arrest. The team of men represented at the hotel went all the way from the White House with its Emergency Contingency Unit, walkie-talkies and private radio frequency, to the paid street provocateurs and troops who would create the emergencies.

Was the target of their associations the cancellation of elections in 1972?

The Glass House Tapes by Lewis Tackwood (co-author: Donald Freed) -- "The Story of an Agent Provocateur and the New Police intelligence Complex" -- will be published by Avon Press.

Louis Tackwood, a man of patriotic courage among a world of too many cowards, made his public appearance in September, 1971, in a press conference that could have been broadcast over the entire world. Tackwood's information was ignored by people who know better and should have taken his words seriously.

A former paid agent of the Los Angeles Police Dept. for nine years, Tackwood surfaced and disclosed the kinds of jobs the LAPD expects an agent provocateur to do for them. The most important revelations made by Tackwood gave a good view of that invisible government John Kennedy warned about.

The "Glass House" is the Los Angeles Police Department, the same agency that took care of candidate Robert Kennedy four years ago. Tackwood resigned from the LAPD after he became familiar with their plans for the 1972 elections, known by the name "Squad 19." Agents of the police department were to create enough violence at the Republican National Convention that martial law would be declared. Tackwood states:

"Squad 19 was formed by CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section) and the FBI to provoke violence at the republican Convention in 1972.

"It involves coordinated contingency plans under the direction of CCS and FBI.

"The plan entailed planting a number of agent provocateurs both inside and outside the 1972 republican Convention. Agents were to infiltrate the groups planning demonstrations against the war and poverty. At the time of the demonstrations, these agents were to provoke street battle with police surrounding the convention hall. Meanwhile, agents inside the convention hall were to plant explosives timed to blow up coincidental with the riots in the streets. The purpose is to kill a number of delegates.

"The result would have been to create a nationwide hysteria that would then provide president Richard Nixon with the popular support necessary to declare a state of National Emergency.

"Orders came directly from the State Department of Justice, District Attorney Evelle Younger, on these special squads.

"Richard Nixon would then arrest all militants and left-wing revolutionaries and cancel the 1972 elections. He could invoke special emergency powers leading to the detention of political activists. Martial law would be achieved."

(As The Realist goes to press, Louis Tackwood has been re-arrested on the original charges -- going back nine years -- over which the original deal had been made.)

A CIA operation, whether it involves altering elections or planning political assassinations, contains many ingredients that work together toward the final purposes. The object is to lose all traces of your past, co-workers, contacts, and employers. Some groups of people will spend millions of dollars on a particular plan. While the time involved may take years to succeed the methods are always the same.

Once the motive is agreed upon, the plan of action goes into effect. Assuming the "Squad 19" plans were for martial law, how can we relate that to the Watergate arrests?

Because all the suspects at the Watergate Hotel were caught before proceeding with further plans for their clients, they will deny any speculations about their motives. But robbery and surveillance were not the sole purpose of this group forming together.

My opinions of their motives are based upon: (1) what their training and past experience was; (2) who they worked for, the kinds of employment; (3) the contacts of persons represented among the nine who registered at the hotel on two different occasions; (4) their past jobs and investments together; (5) the sources of their funds; (6) who they were to call in case of emergency; (7) their associates who were named but will never be called as witnesses.

There are sources of CIA funds and planners that have altered the course of American history. I have studied that history very carefully and find the Watergate crowd associated with the CIA.

If their motive was to create confrontations for the republican Convention in order to arrest "radicals" and to create martial law, in what positions would agents be located for such a plan?

James McCord, Jr. held two important jobs at the time of his arrest. He was Chief of Security for the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon. With that appointment, McCord was issued his own radio frequency. And that employment was the smaller assignment of the two.

The biggest contract a security agent could receive went to McCord Associates, selected by Secret Service agent Al Wong, to provide all security for the republican Convention in Miami.

Considering the Tackwood allegations that were made public a year ago at a press conference, maintaining security at the conventions was equal to securing our electoral process.

If there was but a fraction of truth to the Squad 19 plans, the person hired to protect the life of the president of the United States and others, both outside and inside the convention hall, should be a citizen with a non-political, perfectly spotless record of security experience.

The CIA, FBI or Secret Service must certainly have investigated the Tackwood charges about convention provocations to create martial law. Every possible element who could be used to provoke violence in Miami should have been scrutinized.

The Secret Service that hired McCord did not follow his off-duty meetings at the Watergate Hotel May 26-29. If the data banks and surveillance systems keep records of "radicals" and "demonstrators," it seems they could follow their own hired Security Chief.

Either he was moonlighting for another client they should have known about, or else McCord works for the CIA at the present time, and associates with the CIA agents who hire provocateurs. If the CIA funds violence for Washington, New York and elsewhere, are they funding the very violence in Miami that James McCord is hired to "secure"?

Bernard Barker was telling people in Miami that "something is going to happen at the time of the conventions." He was then planning demonstrations in approval of Nixon's bombing of Haiphong Harbor.

April 24, Barker and a secret team of seven men went to Miami to hire provocateurs for a New York demonstration in May. Four of this team were arrested at the Watergate Hotel. Three men were in Miami at the time, and one left the country because, according to the New York Times, he was "headed for trouble."

Money to pay for street scenes and fights with police and radicals came from the same money man, Bernard Barker, who served as the conduit of funds for the Bay of Pigs invasion. This time Barker was handing out crisp, consecutive CIA $100 bills that came to Miami's Republican National Bank, from a secret source in Mexico, via a secret source in Chile.

James McCord, Chief of Security for the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon, and Chief of Security for the republican National Committee, was paid for the Watergate job with the same funds that hired street altercations.

Bernard Barker's wife said that her husband had not been active with the Cuban community for five years. She was surprised he was arrested working with that group again.

That observation fits in with the "Squad 19" plan which was arranged for San Diego. When the convention was moved to Miami, a whole new group of street people would have to set the milieu for confrontations. Some persons could be imported. Local varieties would be better. The radical, emotional, well-trained, constantly provoked Cuban exile community could be worked up sufficiently with enough of those CIA $100 bills floating around again.

One man in Miami was offered $700 "CIA money" to demonstrate on the streets in August for the republican Convention.

Bernard Barker handed out $30,000 to the Watergate boys for hotel expenses and elaborate equipment: $10,000 went to Washington provocations where a few people were supposedly shot.

Frank Sturgis was planning demonstrations for the republican Convention. Even the law enforcement people in Miami thought that was strange. According to the Washington Post:

"Law enforcement officials predicted the Cuban exiles would demonstrate at the Democratic National Convention to express opposition to any proposals for better relations with the Castro regime. But they were confused and found no solid explanation of why Sturgis and Martinez were seeking rooms for the republican convention, rooms for which the party has no need."

Two private Catholic colleges received a call from Sturgis asking for "lodging in August for Young Republicans." He left with them his phone number at Bernard Barker's real estate office. Sturgis also called Barry College, said he was an "organizer" and wanted rooms for 200 places.

Where were these Young Republicans coming from? Douglas Caddy, attorney for the men arrested, was co-founder of Young Americans for Freedom. That group is infiltrated with nazis, right-wing radicals and extremists, many who supported Agnew for president. Because we don't know the source of funds for all this, it is difficult to screen out which Young Republicans will arrive.

A group of them were ready for action in Dallas when John Kennedy was killed. Their goal was control of the White House by 1970. There was a determination that this country could be controlled, with their help. These men were never arrested or called as witnesses before the Warren Commission after Kennedy's death

Eugenio Martinez, real estate partner of Barker, was making his own reservations to bring in Young Republicans -- about 3,000 of them -- for convention time. Depending upon the background, training, beliefs of a para-military, religious, violently anti-communist element, there is no way of telling if Martinez, Barker and Sturgis were planning to import trouble.

If they hired provocateurs for the Washington demonstrations in May, who were they making these Miami reservations for in August?

Virgilio Gonzales and Martinez were closely

associated with the well-trained military veterans of the Bay of Pigs. Following their defeat in 1961, Cuban exiles moved to Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 1963.

This group of guerrilla warriors, armed with modern warfare hardware, were trained and have been held together with some purpose in mind since 1963.

The war could come to American soil, the excuse being to come down on "radicals" and "left-wing" troublemakers. The CIA that trains these exiled Cubans can use them to create our own political fascism.

Angel Ferrer was not arrested, but he was named as being one of the men who stayed with the group at the Watergate Hotel. Ferrer trained at Fort Jackson with Ex-Combatientes, the veterans of the Bay of Pigs. He was active with the exile Cuban community in Miami and had Washington contacts. Ferrer was supposed to have offered direct action to combat left-wing causes in the U.S.

Arrested with James McCord were political extremists, violently anticommunist intelligence agents. They were all planning convention demonstrations. Each of these men would make McCord's job more difficult in Miami unless they were working as a team for another purpose.

James McCord, Chief of Security for the Republican Convention in Miami, was not only arrested with members of a secret team well financed to hire provocateurs. But, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, and with 19 years of CIA employment behind him, McCord sat with a special I6-man unit concerned with plans and preparedness, which is part of the executive office of the President. This Unit's purpose was concerned with radicals and contingency plans for the radicals.

Both Captain R. Franz, Navy Reserves, and James Landis, retired Army colonel, spoke of McCord's work with this Unit, which included control of the news media and U.S. mail.

When McCord was arrested, the Special Unit disclaimed his association by saying he "left four months ago." McCord had two important positions for the next months that would take him to other places. The "contingency plans for radicals" remains ready to be used, and their connection to the White House is only one of the links of this group to Nixon.

Howard Hunt, who fled the scene when his friends were arrested, also had experience with "radicals." Known as a very conservative republican during his 21 years with the CIA, he had occasion to put down the "radicals," "blacks" and "war protestors."

When students at Brown University objected to hearing Henry Kissinger speak to them, Hunt wrote the alumni that he "deplored the lack of patriotism in youth." He called them "hirsute know-nothings," which makes me believe that CIA author Howard Hunt writes Agnew's speeches.

Hitler's youth, arms in the air, boots marching in rhythm, were called "patriotic" and then later judged as criminals at Nuremberg. What kind of blind patriotism does Hunt desire?

During his CIA days, in addition to planning the Bay of Pigs, Hunt was senior member of a Special Task Force during two periods of national emergency, and participated with the White House on security matters. What periods of crisis were these?

There is no way to know in what capacity Howard Hunt was serving the CIA when John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King were murdered, when Ted Kennedy's car was pushed into Chappaquiddick, when Diem was removed by our CIA coup d'etat, or when Greece was overthrown. In order to understand Hunt's possible involvement with the "Squad 19" plans, it would help to learn more about his usefulness in past crises.

Louis Tackwood said that the number he had to call, as part of the "Squad 19" plans, was named "White" -- which is the alias Howard Hunt used as White House consultant to Richard Nixon.

McCord's walkie-talkies at the Watergate were similar to the radio frequencies of Howard Hunt's walkie-talkies in the White House.

John Kennedy recognized there was a hidden government. Many of the same people he feared were still working together as a team in 1972 just before crucial elections. If those teams were directly connected to the White House, martial law is a possibility if it appears that Nixon could lose the election. A lot of power has been accumulated in the hands of a few people, and they have taken every precaution to keep it that way.

All the elements necessary for "Squad 19" were assembled. Five men, skilled in cloak-and-dagger intelligence operations, all with CIA experience, veterans of the Bay of Pigs together, heavily and secretly financed, connected to military troops waiting for "direct combat" against radicals and left-wing, were dining together and living at the Watergate Hotel at the time they were all arrested in one bag.

How can you recognize a CIA espionage plot as opposed to a "third-rate" burglary? The methods of operation include:

1. The Cover Story

Every CIA operation, secret in nature, must have a cover story in the event one or more agents are discovered going about their dirty work. The immediate excuse for their presence must conceal the actual circumstances and divert attention from larger plans or co-workers.

The cover story for the Watergate arrests fell into four categories:

(1) Intelligence gathering - "Boys will be boys," we all sneak up on each other. The importance of the boys was ignored.

(2) Exile Cubans curious about Democratic attitude toward Castro -- The Bay of Pigs veterans involved at the Watergate, with high CIA officials, did not need such an elaborate plan to get this information for the exile community in Miami.

(3) Robberies at the Watergate -- The breaking in at the Democratic offices was explained as one of many robberies. If there were so many recently, why didn't they hire more guards instead of letting one go home sick that night without being replaced?

(4) Amateurs, Mickey Mouse, Mack Sennett, Keystone Kops -- The men arrested were made to look like silly fools with 1950 tools. But McCord was Chief of Security of all CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, Chief of Security for the Committee to Re-elect Nixon, and Chief of Security for the republican Convention! Ronald Ziegler, Nixon's Press Secretary, called them "third rate burglars." The news media that print this foolishness also print facts. Read both and figure out what kind of fools were arrested.

2. Deniability

The Pentagon Papers offers a wonderful view of CIA "deniability." From August 24 until November 1, 1963, our CIA and State Dept. were arranging the coup d'etat that would remove Diem. Lieut. Col. Conein, CIA agent, was working with General Don from Vietnam. Their instructions were:

"Make security fully deniable."

"Issue instructions orally, to provide plausibility to denial."

"At last minute have cut-off with Conein and designee of Don, this officer completely unwitting of any details."

"If coup aborts, disavow, CIA agent Conein at any time it may serve national interest."

When James McCord and the other four men were arrested, friends, associates, exile Cuban community, all started their denials. Listed here are several out of more than 20 different denials given to the press during the two weeks following the arrests:

John Mitchell: Chairman of the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon. James McCord was receiving $1209 monthly from this Committee when arrested. Mitchell said, "McCord was working for another client."

Cuban exile group in Miami. When Bernard Barker was arrested, the group that heard him attempt to recruit demonstrators for the republican Convention said, "He came to our meeting uninvited."

McCord Associates needed three members of a Board of Directors to become incorporated. Dorothy Berry, sister of James McCord and one of three directors of the agency hired by Mitchell for Security of the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon, said: "I didn't know I was on the Board of Directors."

Ameritus: Reservations for the nine men at the Watergate Hotel were made on stationery from this organization in Miami. Barker's friend, Suarez, heads the group. When the men were arrested, Suarez said the letterhead was stolen." He knew nothing about reservations.

Martha Mitchell: Martha was emphatic there were five men with her in California. The White House and the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon said: "Mrs. Mitchell only has one guard, and you know she always has problems at night."

Howard Hunt: 21 years with CIA, White House consultant on payroll of White House at the time he skipped out on the FBI. Also worked for Robert Bennett. When Bennett learned that two men arrested at the Watergate Hotel had Hunt's name and telephone number in their address books, Hunt was "fired if he didn't show up for work the next day."

Robert Bennett, fund-raiser for Nixon's secret $10 million. When asked about Hunt a few days later, he said, "The only comment I have from him is a flat denial that he was anywhere near the Watergate. (His gun was in his White House desk along with his walkie-talkies.)

Special Unit 16: Emergency and Contingency Plans, connected to White House. James McCord met with them every month. When McCord was arrested, they announced he "left the unit four months ago."

McCord fired too. As soon as president Nixon and John Mitchell discovered their Security Chief was arrested, they gave an indignant, "Mr. McCord is off our payrolls as of Monday morning."

Robert Odle can't speak. Robert Odle was fingered as the man from Mitchell's Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon who hired James McCord for their Security Chief. The White House would not let Odle be interviewed.

"He is not available because he is not a public figure."

Nixon and Mitchell discount responsibility for the Watergate Affair. Their employees are protected because they are important enough to hire agents but not important enough to be responsible for their decisions.

Hunt and Chappaquiddick. White House Librarian Ms. Schleicher told a Washington Post reporter that Howard Hunt was doing research while at the White House on Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick accident.

(The entire affair was CIA-staged for the purpose of removing Ted Kennedy as Democratic candidate. Pages 262-3 of Jack Olsen's Book, The Bridge at Chappaguiddick, indicate that the water pressure would have made it impossible to open the car door, so that Ted Kennedy could not have been driving, or even inside. The National Safety Council has not a single case in its records of any person ever escaping from a submerged automobile.)

The White House ordered Ms. Schleicher to stop giving out information. She then denied the first conversation took place. After giving the name of the book and material Hunt was reading, she changed the story and said she had never had any borrowing requests from Hunt, referred the reporters to the press office, saying she did not know who Hunt was.

3. Dummy Front Organizations

McCord Associates, Inc. -- When James McCord "left" the CIA after 19 years, he opened his own security agency that was hired through Robert Odle for security of the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon.

At the time of his arrest, information about this agency was revealed. The Maryland Secretary of State's office showed they were not incorporated until November 19, 1971, several weeks after a contract had been signed with the Republican National Committee.

Incorporation requires three individuals on the Board of Directors. McCord, his wife and his sister, Dorothy Berry, were listed. Ms. Berry, employed by an oil company in Houston, was not aware of being on the Board of Directors.

McCord Associates was not licensed to perform security services, as required by law.

Their charter mentions nothing about security work. The agency is listed as "Business service, studies, analysis, reports in connection with business, industry, academic institutions."

This company filed no 1972 tax returns with the Secretary of State by the April 15 deadlines.

The entire CIA is called the "Fairfax Highway Research Station" and conceals its purposes. If James McCord is not listed for security work, was this the headquarters for planning a contingency to the elections without it being part of the regular CIA opertions?

Ameritus -- Ameritus was described as a secret Cuban revolutionary group. Hotel reservations were made in their name. Federal officials never heard of this group, even though it was a corporation. Hector DeLana, Miami accountant whose name was listed as Treasurer, was not on the Board of Directors. There was no record of Ameritus in Dade County Business Transactions.

Barker Real Estate -- Bernard Barker's real estate office in Miami was a mystery. He had the license for only one year before the arrest. Source of income for Barker is money from Latin America. Where does he invest it? What taxes are paid on money like the $89,000 cash he had since April 1972!

Barker and Howard Hunt were supposed to be business partners in Nicaragua and Santa Domingo enterprises that "fell through." Were they CIA fronts or contacts because all the time they were together Hunt was in the CIA, and Barker was a conduit of funds with Hunt during the Bay of Pigs.

Mullen and Company, public relations -- This office is a nest of CIA agents: Hunt, Bennett, Mullen, Caddy. Robert Bennett admitted that his 75-90 organizations which raised money were "dummy fronts." This is what the CIA is all about. They create false organizations to fund their operations, through foundations and other names which mean nothing at all except that CIA money passed through the doors to selected agents.

Interprogress, Washington, D.C. -- Robert Bennett, president of the public relations fun at which Hunt works, said the firm also has an affiliate called Interprogress that is attempting to increase American trade with communist countries. The secret funding for the Watergate gang now comes from Chile; secret funding for Nixon comes from Bennett's office; and the question of ITT financial connections is related to Chile. What countries does Bennett's office contact, and do they include Chile!

All State Investment Fund, Inc., Panama -- Michael Suarez, head of Ameritus, described All State as a subsidiarv of Ameritus. Bernard Barker is associated with Suarez and used Ameritus stationery for reservations at the Watergate. Is All State Investment Fund one of the many Pan-American CIA fronts for operations between Florida and Central America?

Pan-American Aluminum Havana -- Frank Sturgis was owner of a salvage company, and concealed from the court his part-time employment with a corporation called Pan-American Aluminum. What kind of organization is this aluminum company?

Houston Oil Company -- Many people from the CIA were associated with Houston and various other oil companies at the time of John Kennedy's murder. John Connally is closely tied in with oil interests and CIA foundations in Houston, and is politically lined up for a very important Washington position again. Because of the conspiracy that killed Kennedy, and the close-knit group of people that worked together through those years, any possible source of funds or contacts into McCord Associates should be investigated.

4. Funding

Robert Bennett, Mullen public relations -- Robert Bennett admitted setting up "dummy" front organizations to raise $10 million for Nixon's re-election; 75-90 organizations were supposed to donate this money. John Mitchell refuses to reveal sources of the money.

All of the men in those offices at one time -- Howard Hunt, Douglas Caddy, Robert Bennett and Robert Mullen -- were part of the CIA. Bennett's office, The American Dream, collected cash before the legal date stipulated to declare the donor.

James McCord's salary from this Nixon fund could have come from the CIA.

The fund-raising committees that Bennett formed bearing names such as "Supporters of the American Dream" -- were established in 1971 as a means of legally collecting Nixon campaign contributions without reporting them under the Federal Corrupt Practices Act.

Among the contributions sent to the organization was $325,000 given to 68 different committees by the political arm of the Associated Milk Products, Inc., a cooperative with more than 30,000 member farms in 20 states.

The contributions led to a suit filed by Ralph Nader's Public Citizens, Inc., which charged that the Nixon administration raised government milk support prices as a payoff for the donation.

Everybody needs milk.

Even Richard Nixon's.

Bernard Barker-- Known money man, conduit of funds for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs; worked with Howard Hunt, planner of the operation. April 24, $89,000 from an unknown Mexican bank was put into Barker's account at the Republican National Bank in Miami.

Barker said that Mexican money came from Chile, where he "can't get people involved because of fear of retaliation from the socialist government in Chile." Is this the ITT money, CIA into Chile through ITT, that goes to Mexico, then Miami, then Washington?

May 8, Barker took $89,000 cash out of the bank in $100 bills. When arrested at Watergate Hotel, the men had $6,500 of those bills from Miami, Mexico and Chile. McCord and others at Watergate were paid from this Miami bank.

If James McCord's money, both from the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon and the Watergate Hotel robbery, is from secret funds, how can we find out if the CIA supplied the provocateurs in Washington as well as the security for the conventions?

Would any of the secret money raised by Bennett's office go into Chile, to Mexico, to Miami, to the Watergate? If so, the White House would be paying to institute martial law as in the "Squad 19" plan because of the provocations that could follow if enough people were paid in Miami.

Does a share of all tax money that goes into security, or the CIA, appear in the Nixon-Agnew fund while the Democrats have to raise their cash with barbecues and telethons?

Do "good Democrats" like Hubert Humphrey get CIA money if they are candidates?

5. Communications, Radio Control

James McCord, hired for Security of the republican National Committee, was assigned his own radio frequency on May 7, 1972.

Does the Democratic Party have their own radio frequency?

The Watergate arrests revealed sets of walkie-talkies. Taken from the White House desk of Howard Hunt were two walkie-talkies that could connect with the others.

After five men were arrested and four escaped, police said that "Other persons staying at the Watergate Hotel could use hotel rooms for listening posts to monitor conversations beamed by transmitters." John Mitchell lived at the Watergate Hotel. Could Martha have found men listening through the walls?

Ken Clawson, Deputy Director of Communications in the White House, was giving out interviews about Charles Colsen and Howard Hunt. Did he work with these men?

Robert Odle, the man who hired McCord for Security, was staff assistant with Communications in the White House.

Howard Hunt, CIA 21 years, worked with developing and guiding media operations.

James McCord did radio operation work for the FBI 3 years.

The importance of radio and communication control at the time of martial law and the cancellation of elections is described in Stephen Rousseau's Death of a Democracy, Greece and the American Conscience.

A coup d'etat was possible in Greece because all communication was limited to a few people. The regular sources were cut off, and taken by surprise.

The suit against the five arrested may charge them with "unlawful interception of wire communications" and "unlawful possession of wire devices." Is there any way the Democratic National Committee offices could be cut off in case of an emergency, whereas the republicans, through their own radio frequency, could continue to communicate?

Methods of control by fascists in Greece, achieved by our CIA, must be examined now.

6. Aliases

All nine men registered at the Watergate Hotel used names from CIA novels by Howard Hunt. They also used code names from Bay of Pigs days, and other identification. Some of the names were not revealed except to mention the fact they were used.

Howard Hunt -- "Eduardo"; Writing pseudonyms: Robert Dietrich, John Baxter, Gordon Davis

James McCord, Jr. -- James Martin

Bernard Barker -- "Macho"; Frank Carter

Frank Sturgis -- Frank Fiorini, a dozen aliases, including Joseph Hamilton; at the time of arrest, Sturgis had a birth certificate, two driver's licenses, Social Security card with the name of Joseph Hamilton.

(When James Ray, the alleged killer of Martin Luther King, left Missouri State Penitentiary April 22, 1967, he was given Social Security card 318-24-7038, alias John Larry Raynes, gift of the same CIA-FBI printing office.)

7. Migratory Birds, Job Changes

In the course of my research on political assassinations, I noticed a moving pattern of agents from the time of their assignments until delivery. Cross-filing the witnesses before the Warren Commission, I labeled them "Migratory Birds."

The large majority of people who testified had certain professions; living patterns. They moved into Dallas, changed occupation and housing. After the assassination, by the time they were asked to testify, they had new jobs that revealed a lot about the military-type conspiracy involved.

From that time on, I followed job changes and contacts until the shooting. Just from the brief news of the Watergate boys, it is obvious there was a shifting of positions. Here are a few examples:

James McCord, Jr. -- Chief of Security, Langley, Virginia, CIA, for 19 years. Left in 1970. What other clients since he left? If McCord Associates not formed until November, 1971, where did he work until that time? Special I6-Man Emergency Unit for radicals; military officials said he "left there four months ago."

Howard Hunt -- Worked with CIA 21 years, left same time as McCord, in 1970. Went to Mullen & Company, worked as White House consultant, every reason to believe those were still CIA jobs but he was severing from large CIA institution, like McCord. Was it for 1972 plans?

John Mitchell -- Resigned as Attorney General to head Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon.

Al Wong -- Was secretive when asked how long he worked for Secret Service. This is important because he supposedly hired McCord for the all-important Miami assignment, and did not investigate Louis Tackwood charges.

The time of service is important to the life of the president. Winston Lawson, responsible for Kennedy's life in Dallas, never was in charge of a trip like this before. He was only in Secret Service school at the time Kennedy was inaugurated. For his dangerous journey to Texas, Kennedy needed the best, longest, most experienced security.

Ken Clawson -- White House aide, interviewed about Howard Hunt and others - "new in the White House" and "used to be a reporter."

Robert Odle -- The man who hired James McCord for Security Chief of Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon. Worked in Communications with Herbert Klein from January 1969-May 1971. In 1971 he left Communications to work for Mitchell's committee.

Bernard Barker -- Real estate office in Miami. Described as being a realtor only a year, no mention of occupation before that time. Co-partner of CIA agent Howard Hunt in Nicaragua, other countries, in Latin America.

Frank Sturgis -- When he was arrested, he was hesitant to talk about Pan American Aluminum in Havana where he was a "part-time employee." Employed by Hampton Road Salvage Company, but on the move, in Mexico; travelled. Referred to as "soldier of fortune" which simply means being paid money by the CIA to do various jobs which we don't want to admit arranging.

8. Housing

There is not enough information yet on the homes or apartments these various men live in.

In all CIA work, with Oswald, Ray, Bremer, the men kept homes away from home, isolated from everyday activities. James McCord had two apartments in Miami. Was one to meet for security arrangements needed for the convention, while the other apartment arranged the provocations?

9. Local Police, Military, Treasury Dept., Justice Dept., FBI

Police -- In order for a CIA operation to be successful, it must achieve desired goals without being detected. This requires planning and assistance from many law enforcement agencies and government agents.

Louis Tackwood describes in The Glass House Tapes the Los Angeles Police Department, and how it plans conspiracies that will eventually lead to fascism and a police state.

In the Watergate Affair, like all CIA activities, local police could assist by many methods. They didn't disclose the names of other men registered at the hotel, which could help find the suspects. There was a total absence of information about the Watergate Hotel staff. The FBI ordered the hotel manager "not to speak" after it was learned that his name and telephone number were with one of the men arrested.

The accounts of the arrest, and information that came as a result of the arrests, shielded the suspects. If the police and FBI were looking for members of the Black Panthers, the police would give out detailed information and have an all-out description of the missing agents.

In Dallas, Memphis, Los Angeles and Maryland, all suspects were allowed to get out of town by the local police while the FBI narrowed in on one chosen patsy for the crimes. The Watergate Affair had the same similarity.

James McCord, arrested while wearing rubber gloves with his fine dinner suit, addressed the Police Association this year on "security." Did he give them a lesson on what to do if they get caught in the act? Police Departments are to provide security. As Tackwood illustrates, some members of police departments are allowed to create chaos.

Military -- Every one of the five arrested at the Watergate had close contacts with branches of the military service.

James McCord, Lt. Col. in the Army Reserves, worked with the Army and Navy and on the Emergency Contingency Unit.

Bernard Barker worked with Ex-Combatientes Manuel Artime, and served in the U.S. Army in World War II.

Frank Sturgis was a Lt. Reserve in Civil Air Patrol. Named in connection with the John Kennedy assassination, along with Frank Sturgis, was David Ferrie, Civil Air Patrol. Lee Harvey Oswald, before joining the Marines, worked under Ferrie in Civil Air Patrol.

Eugenio Martinez and Virgilio Gonzales were closely associated with Fort Jackson troops, the exile Cuban veterans.

Also, Howard Hunt was in the Navy Reserves and the U.S. Army Air Corps.

And Angel Ferrer was offering Washington "direct combat troops when needed."

Treasury Dept. -- The Treasury Dept. is responsible for Secret Service protection.

Al Wong, Secret Service agent who hired James McCord, was described as "secretive" about his experience or length of time with the Secret Service.

Howard Hunt, "consultant to White House on Narcotics Intelligence," works through the Treasury Dept.

Larry Shears, intelligence agent for the Treasury Dept., revealed plans to kill Cesar Chavez and Eldridge Cleaver through the Narcotics Department. Evelle Younger, now Attorney General of California, named as a planner in the "Squad 19" tapes, denied the charges. If Howard Hunt and Charles Colsen, who works in the "dirty tricks department" in the White House, are connected with Narcotics Intelligence, could they be part of those plans?

The Justice Department and the FBI -- There is a web that connects the CIA operations, the FBI that investigates them, and the Justice Dept. that prosecutes the selected agents.

Only carefully selected agents examine the evidence, represent the men arrested, or interview the men convicted if and when they are ever found.

The Nixon-Mitchell Justice Dept. consists of an agency that hires assassins; plants evidence against the innocent; pays informers or offers parole from narcotics or other arrests if they will lie about a suspect; creates conspiracies; designs special Tactical Squads for further repressions.

John Mitchell, after the Watergate arrests, decided to "retire." That is the style of the Nixon administration to avoid arrests. The My Lai officers, Abe Fortas, Will Wilson, General Leavelle, John Mitchell -- all just step down from office.

A group of black republicans, hoping to win Nixon nazi smiles upon their faces, were planning a pro-Nixon dance called Do the Nixon. The only step they needed to learn for the dance troupe is how to "step down" when the heat is on, run and get out while you are still ahead.

How can the FBI or Justice Department begin to investigate the Watergate Affair? John Mitchell and Patrick Gray III, both organizers for Nixon's presidency many long years, are not about to expose any plan to keep their power from the hands of the electorate.

10. Dirty tricks

The CIA has a "dirty tricks" department. Richard Nixon has a "dirty tricks" consultant. Martha Mitchell said she witnessed "dirty tricks" that caused her to become "a political prisoner."

Charles Colson, associate of White House consultant Howard Hunt, was described by Ken Colson as the man who does Nixon's "dirty tricks."

The president of the United States should be above these kinds of games, but that is not the way Nixon came to power.

Colson was reported to have written a smear article about Senator Tydings of Maryland just before his last election that was printed in Life magazine. After Tydings lost the election, all charges were proven false, but the vote of one more member of the Senate was assured for whatever votes were needed by Nixon.

11. Cities and Countries

CIA conspiracies are complicated. They involve a network of cities; geographic areas that are used often for espionage agents to lose their past associations.

The Watergate Affair centers around Washington, New York, Miami, Texas and California.

Countries the agents visited were Chile, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Spain, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

12. Coincidences

Missing Link Key Shop -- Virgilio Gonzales, arrested at the Watergate Hotel, worked as a locksmith at the Missing Link Key Shop in Miami.

The same week the five men were arrested in Washington, all keys to the convention centers for the Miami halls were stolen. Fifteen keys on one ring, removed from an attache case inside a locked room, were missing. They opened all the major locks at the convention hall complex that included three buildings.

"Balderdash, no conspiracy" -- Jack Anderson, who carefully ignores any facts or evidence of conspiracies that killed President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, put down research author Don Ritey last summer for attempting to link a high level plot of the CIA, FBI, Dallas Police; Anti-Castro Cubans, and the Syndicate.

When Frank Sturgis was arrested at the Watergate Hotel, Jack Anderson went to court immediately to vouch for his longtime friend and source of information. Sturgis had been questioned by the FBI about his connections to the John Kennedy murder.

The widow of Drew Pearson, Jack Anderson's former boss, could have in her husband's files important information that was passed to JFK on October 28, 1963, saying, "Cancel Dallas trip. Arrest Lee Harvey Oswald." Anderson refused to help find this memo, passed it off as "too far-fetched."

Blueprints and Air-Conditioning Plans: Bernard Barker asked architect Leonard Glass for plans of the floors, exits, entry at the Democratic Convention headquarters.

Eight months later, Bernard Barker was arrested at the Watergate Hotel after illegally entering the Democratic National Committee.

13. Witnesses Never Called, Questions Never Asked

The FBI, Justice Dept., and police agencies conceal clandestine witnesses and evidence that would prove conspiracies exist. Many questions important in trials or investigations are never asked.

Included in my research on cases where I believe the CIA is involved are hundreds of questions never asked -- if and when the carefully selected attorneys go to trial. Here are a comparatively few questions about the Watergate Affair. There are dozens more that need further investigation to unravel the relationship of the arrested persons to our espionage establishment.

McCord, CIA, Houston, Dorothy Berry (sister of James McCord)-- Is Ms. Berry, on Board of Directors of McCord Associates, Inc., hired for security of the republican Convention and the Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon, associated in any way with any CIA foundation in Houston, such as the Hobby Foundation, the M.D. Anderson Foundation, the J.M. Kaplan Fund?

What other clients did McCord Associates serve as security services? Names, countries, contracts? What taxes were paid on those services? How many employees? If James McCord is not still CIA, he should have a large organization in order to be hired by the White House and John Mitchell.

What taxes were paid by Ameritus? Who are the actual Board of Directors, since one of the supposed signators -- Hector DeLara, a Miami accountant -- did not even know his name was on the incorporation papers? How long has Ameritus been in existence? For what purposes?

Hector DeLara was surprised when informed that records in Tallahassee list him as Treasurer of Ameritus. One of the firm's officers told him the group intended to hire him as Treasurer, then apparently decided against him and forgot to tell him his name was used.

Why has the FBI delayed publication of the source of the $89,000? The money made an around-the-world trip to the Republican National Bank. If $89,000 was sent from Chile, to Mexico, to Miami for "investment purposes," why was it used for provocateurs? Who put it into the Chilean bank?

Investment business of Bernard Barker -- How many land investments and properties were transacted through the Barker real estate firm?

Which businesses of Barker and CIA Howard Hunt in Central America were legitimate "failures" - or were they all CIA fronts? Does Howard Hughes' new interests in Nicaragua have any connections to Hunt and Barker's investments?

Why does the FBI and the White House prohibit investigators from speaking with persons who could provide clues on where to find suspects?

How many more guns are in White House desks? If Howard Hunt, White House consultant, kept a weapon in his desk, how many of them are allowed?

Investigation of the break-in -- The Committee to Re-elect Richard Nixon "is conducting its own investigation of the alleged break-in and bugging of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters." Mr. DeVan Shumway said the "inquiry has been going on for some time." If John Mitchell, Mr. Justice Department, and Patrick Gray III, appointed by Mitchell and Nixon, can't do a good enough investigation on their own, what agencies will the Committee use to investigate?

What were the last security jobs Al Wong, Secret Service, had before coming to the White House? How long has he been with the White House?

Is there a conflict of interest in having U.S. Attorney Titus prosecute James McCord and his friends? Titus was the author of the controversial D.C. Crime Bill of 1970, and is a known conservative. The group arrested at the Watergate had direct involvement in ways to handle "radicals." Harsh laws were put into effect after provocateurs created the circumstances supposedly necessary for them.

Frank Sturgis said he joined Bernard Barker in order to aid Cuban exiles from Spain to enter the U.S. He wanted the importation of 30,000 to 40,000 Cubans in exchange for certain services. The Cuban population in Miami and the U.S. has a greater income, more mobility and better job opportunities than blacks in Florida.

Why do we keep bringing refugees from "communism" to the U.S. before taking care of our own? Why are the ex-communists used and trained to turn against the blacks or students of this country? What percentage of paid CIA provocateurs are from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America?

Did any of the Young Republicans being imported by Sturgis have contact with the organization CUSA (Conservatism U.S.A.) that helped the John Birch Society in Dallas in 1963?

Where are Larry Schmidt, Bernard Weissman, Volkar Schmidt, Dale Davenport, Norman Baker, Larry Jones, Bill Burley, Ken Glazebrook, and the group from CUSA that were in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963? What have they done the past nine years?

How much contact does Claude Kirk of Florida, and his Wackenhut Organization -- a private police agency, made up of retired military and FBI -- have with Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker or Michael Suarez, the head of Ameritus?

Why did Richard Helms, Chief of the CIA, and William Buckley, editor of National Review, recommend Howard Hunt as a White House consultant? After 21 years with the CIA in every possible position, Hunt needed no "introduction."

It is difficult for most Americans to imagine that certain persons, even members of their own families, could have any part in a conspiracy to end the democratic process. Rationalizations for political assassinations vary. The most inclusive umbrella is the excuse that violence always existed and political systems are accustomed to murders.

This fact of violence is used to conceal planned violence.

Germany, like England, Italy, France, Austria, and other conservative, authoritarian and militaristic ruling class, changed its political system after its World War I defeat. Behind the back of the public ruling class developed an illegal, secretive, sadistic, well-organized second government.

This group of clandestine agents moved upwards into political power systematically, strategically, and secretly. They manipulated the Supreme Court, lower courts, police departments, the media, and electoral processes.

Hours after their agent Adolph Hitler was "elected" into power, the team surfaced for what they really were: fascists.

The world had never known such a large number of sadistic, cruel, inhuman things since life began on this earth.

Those Germans who realized that defeat was imminent near the end of World War II were incorporated into our State Department, FBI, and the White House. They formed our CIA with their Chief of Intelligence, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen. Richard Helms, acting head of the CIA today, is part of the original team of clandestine operatives.

The Watergate Affair gives a clear view of how that secret government was operating, their chain of command, and their determined intent to do "something with the Democrats" as well as people at the republican Convention.

This article was completed for The Realist on July 11, 1972, the same day that Richard Nixon and John Mitchell wanted to put off investigation of the Watergate Affair. According to Associated Press: "The Committee for the Re-Election of the President is worried that a hearing on a suit involved in the break-in and bugging attempt could cause 'incalculable damage' to president Nixon's campaign. The Committee asked U.S. District Court to postpone suit against [them] until after the November 7 election. To hear the suit before the election, the Committee said, could deter campaign workers and contributions, force disclosure of confidential information and provide the Democrats with a reason to hold a news conference."

President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Parts of that Act were violated at the time of Martha Mitchell's abduction, and in the way she was handled.

Her telephone was pulled from the wall, five men silenced her, and an unknown substance was injected into her body against her will.

As a friend of the court and a citizen, I have a right to charge that there has been a violation of her civil rights by those in responsible positions. It is in the national interest that she be permitted to talk freely before a responsible group.

We want to know what she saw. Martha Mitchell is the wife of one of the most responsible men in this nation. When she is treated in this manner, all of us are involved in having a right to know who is doing these things.

What happened to her could happen to any of us.

Those guilty of making her a prisoner are subject to $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison. If a conspiracy is proven, each and every person involved is subject to the same penalties. Free Martha Mitchell!!

(Part II)