Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?

part II

American Assassins Are Mutations

The American assassin is a different variety than history ever produced before. This mongrel is not a pure breed nazi but the deformed and hideous baby produced from the marriage of nazi General Reinhard Gehlen and his mistress, Allen Dulles' CIA. It has taken a long time to recognize just what is different about this creation whose birth followed a quickie ceremony immediately after World War II.

The parents, who had helped finance Adolph Hitler's ascendancy, and the agencies still longing for revenge and war against most of mankind, changed their domicile but not their habits. The nursery moved from Germany into the United States and Jamaica. When the TV cameras turn their lens away from the crowd or the hired man who is photographed holding a weapon, the wide view screen will show the chambers of Washington, New York and Montreal where the real American assassins shall be properly identified.

Europeans and some Americans who find the explanation of our assassinations hard to grasp have not yet recognized the species. Every time we are ready to change domestic and foreign policies through the electoral process, the candidate who would effect some better changes gets smashed. Once again that "withdrawn and unemployed failure" with "no ideological basis" manages to keep us back in the 19th century. Senator George McGovern called the alleged assassins "lone sociopaths." (2) Any person who wishes to become President should be more familiar with the conspiratorial process.

If other parts of the world have their elaborate plots, none of them equaled our murders, attempted murders, or accidents. Master minds, experts for many years in illegal rearmament and political assassinations in Germany, combined agents and agencies with the U.S. The "Gehlen Organization" was financed by the CIA to the extent of $200,000,000 through Allen Dulles. (3)

Families from Eastern Europe, Russia, and Germany, screened by Gehlen, were imported into cities over the United States, particularly in the Southwest.(4) Many of these people still dream of a war against Russia, or Asia, and a study of their background would quickly reveal why wars against Asians, blacks, Chicanos, natives -- all non-whites -- are taking place today. The use of this emigre group of Russians and Germans was essential to conceal the plot of assassinations that started in America on Nov. 22, 1963.

The object of assassinations in other countries is for a shift in power. The object of American assassination has been to keep the power in the same hands of those who controlled President Eisenhower and his vice-president Richard Nixon, their selected agent.(5)

The murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, the accident at Chappaquiddick and the shooting of Governor George Wallace were plots to maintain control over the electoral system. Only one candidate gained from all this violence, and that was Richard Nixon and Company.(6)

Our American assassins, hired as decoys, are either killed or isolated in their cages. The "lone assassin" becomes an animal to be dissected by the Pentagon social scientists and psychiatrists.

Selected attorneys and privileged biographers write their histories. Soon the puppet media and other "experts" pick up the lingo and pass along misinformation as facts. While this human being is turned into a patsy who is monitored every second and isolated until his death, a group of cover agents manufacture what are supposed to have been his motives for becoming an assassin.

That fictitious personality will be studied and is supposed to become the model of assassins America produced in the 1960's and 1970's. By legalizing murder under the title "Death Penalty," Attorney General Evelle Younger can kill his patsies on Death Row: Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, and John Frazier. If these men were free to talk, they would shake American "justice" and conspiratorial processes down to their very roots.

Creating the false motives for Lee Harvey Oswald's supposed killing of President John Kennedy was a project between brilliant and ruthless individuals. Once his traits and personality could be firmly established in our minds, it would then appear possible that Oswald actually killed somebody in Dallas.

There was another purpose for creating a set pattern of personality traits to describe the assassin. This biographical profile would be used for future murders if other candidates threatened the occupant of the White House, or if it was time to kill the President again. Madame Nhu sent a message after President Kennedy was killed which stated "anything that happens in Vietnam will find its counterpart in the U.S."(7)

We had our own kind of Domino Theory working in our own back yard. If you believed the first time around that President Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was supposed to have been a "loner," "misfit," "rejected," "unknown," who "wanted a place in history," and that he actually fired those amazing bullets in Dealey Plaza,(8) you would buy the same story next time told in Los Angeles, Memphis, Maryland, or at Chappaquiddick.

Oswald supposedly inspired James Ray, alleged assassin of Martin Luther King. Both men had lived in rooming houses and liked to travel across many continents. Ray and Oswald would impress Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Robert Kennedy. Arthur Bremer, ten days before shooting Governor George Wallace, checked out two books on Sirhan and found time to leave messages for hero Oswald. Before long every candidate who opposed or challenged Richard Nixon's presidency was falling from the same bullshit instead of the bullets.

All the physical evidence used to solve crimes such as the weapons, bullets, autopsies, examination of clothing, wounds, photographs proves that a conspiracy existed in every assassination. Attention was carefully camouflaged from where it should have been focused. Locked up for 75 years, or destroyed, altered, missing, planted and forged, evidence could be examined today to prove the plots to murder political leaders.

Instead of using all methods of criminology to solve killings or accidents, a profile of assassins was created as a diversion from actual facts. The most important ingredient towards the success of concealing American conspiracies was to make the cover story sound good and repeat it so often that nobody followed up the source of the information.

The Gehlen Operation, master spy outfit for Hitler's hot war against Eastern Europe and the USSR, moved many of their agents via Alien Dulles's CIA into the Dallas-Fort Worth-Houston area. Most of the emigres had large oil and land holdings taken from their families and hoped to return and claim what the Bolsheviks took away from them. Members of the Solidarists, members of Vlassov's Army of Liberation against the USSR, and nazi war criminals were moved into Texas and the Southwest long before John Kennedy was assassinated.(9)

George DeMohrenschildt, Lee Oswald's closest friend in Dallas, came from a family where his "father was Director of the Nobel Oil Interests in Minsk Province. He was the elected representative of the landowners to the government of Czarist Russia."(10)

John J. McCloy, member of the Warren Commission, was the attorney for Rockefeller's Standard Oil and represented the refineries of the "Nobel family's giant Caucasian oil fields" that had been taken by the Bolsheviks.(11) (At the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, DeMohrenschildt was employed by Lyndon Johnson's friends Brown & Root, largest constructors for Vietnam contracts.)

Conduits of funds for the transfer of emigre groups into the United States from Eastern Europe or the Middle East were through organizations such as the Tolstoy Foundation, the Greek Orthodox Church, and other DIA and ClA front organizations. (12)

Members of a close-knit emigre group in Texas that quickly adopted Marina Oswald as their own were named by the Warren Report as the "Russian Speaking Community." These people were the ones who were to provide the Warren Commission with the thinking habits and personality profile of Lee Harvey Oswald. Many of those persons in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area were part of a large espionage activity. Most of them were closely identified with defense and warfare factories, oil exploration, or worked directly with government agencies.

When the guns of November 22, 1963 went off, thirty emigre canaries, plus a few Americans directly connected with nazi General Walter Dornberger at Bell Aerospace, and Marina Oswald, wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, were singing for the news media and the Warren Commission. These were the people whose testimony the Warren Report quoted, which was false information. Nothing these people said about Oswald had any basis in fact. Nobody questioned the source of their fabrications and outright lies. No members of the Warren Commission attended hearings from the Russian community except for the testimony given by Marina Oswald and Kathryn Ford.

The Warren Commission staff and lawyers who took testimony which should have been important in solving the Dallas conspiracy were mysteries themselves. How they were selected for their job with the Warren Commission is such a secret process that even this information is locked into the National Archives for 75 years and marked "national security."(13)

There was no cross examination of witnesses with conflicting testimony. A set of agreements was arranged on which questions would be asked, and each witness speaking against Lee Harvey Oswald carefully filled his requirements. Perjury, falsehoods, outright lies were accepted without proof and left unexamined. The Warren Report then used this kind of testimony as the basis for concluding that Oswald was mentally capable of shooting John Kennedy, even though the rifle found behind some boxes wasn't. Oswald never owned a rifle or saw the so-called assassination weapon in his life.

My interest in Lee Harvey Oswald started November 24, 1363. Oswald said he was a "patsy" and that he "did not kill President Kennedy." Was Jack Ruby hired to kill Oswald in order to silence the truth and to prevent Oswald from revealing information about the murders in Dallas?

The Warren Report was supposed to summarize evidence and testimony pertaining to the murders of President John Kennedy, Officer J.D. Tippit, and Lee Harvey Oswald; 26 volumes titled Hearings Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy were published and contained the exhibits and testimony upon which the Warren Report was based. Allen Dulles, another member of the infamous Warren Commission, thought it would be safe to print all the evidence and documents because "I don't think anybody would pay attention to it to begin with." (14)

That old spy master was wrong because many of us did pay attention to the wide discrepancies that existed between the Warren Report and the evidence contained in the Commission Hearings. For eight years I examined those differences and came to the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent of Navy Intelligence and then the FBI. Other researchers, working independently and thousands of miles apart from each other, came to these same conclusions based upon the actual evidence in the case.

There were two profiles of Lee Harvey Oswald. One was created by the select group in Texas of emigres and government employees that the Warren Report quoted and passed off as the truth. The other Oswald, pieced together from all kinds of sources in the 26 volumes, and gathered from witnesses other than a chosen few in contact with Oswald for different reasons, gave the impression of a talented, skilled, disciplined, educated, and capable person.

What I considered factual were service records, testimony of his officer in the Marines, State Department papers, contacts with top CIA officials in the USSR, job applications, a letter of resignation (which is different than being "fired"), certificate of special training in radar, electronics, photographic skills, Russian language tests and proof of learning abilities, college applications and acceptances, intelligent correspondence with the Navy and important public officials, FBI contacts in Texas and New Orleans, access to passports and special favors, funding by the State Department, arrangements provided by the Treasury Department cancelled pay checks and continuous funding associated with Government employment, proof of being coached in legal rights, and Oswald's connections with U-2 flights over the USSR.

Oswald was not rejected by the society in which he lived. He received special favors in the Marines, being relieved of duty while meeting with secret persons. His discharge was honorable from the service. His entry from Helsinki into the USSR was speeded up in an "unusual" hurry. Housing and finances in the USSR were superior to that of anyone around him. All waivers were passed, breaking particular stipulations in the State Department, to allow his Russian wife speedy entry into the U.S.

Lee and Marina stayed at the best hotels, were met by VIPs at the New York harbor, were taken to their hotel, airport in limousines. Oswald had special privileges, traveled in the USSR without passes, received an immediate passport renewal in the U.S. in June 1963, and proved that with every gesture he made somebody was catering to his wishes, rather than rejecting his plans.

Research indicated that Lee Oswald was not without friends in the U.S. or in the USSR. All of his contacts and associations were with persons hired by war criminal Walter Dornberger, with two other men who had been suspected of being nazis during World War II,(15) medical students, lawyers, doctors, oil engineers, accountants, professional people, professors, employees of space and defense industries. There was a chain of command from the time of his arrival in Fort Worth in June 1962 that took care of introductions, jobs, housing, placements, assignments. All of this had the earmarks of a very complicated and successful intelligence operation.

Code names used in the USSR between Lee and Marina Oswald were duplicated between agents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Important proofs of conspiracies in Dallas existed and were bound into the 26 volumes of Hearings which the FBI and investigating teams never bothered to examine.

The unhappy marriage between Lee and Marina that the Warren Report keeps using as a possible motive for Oswald's behavior was actually no wedding at all. This union had all the appearances of a convenience between two espionage agents. Their engagement followed three public meetings and only after Oswald's papers were being prepared for his return to the United States. No member of Marina's family attended the ceremony even though they were walking distance away.

Three weeks before John Kennedy and Lee Oswald were murdered, Agent J. Hosty of the FBI was offering Marina Oswald "protection" and told her she could remain in the United States and "defect from the USSR."(16) Marina was here on a temporary visa. It would be interesting to find out how the FBI takes over State Department decisions and makes such offers. Oswald objected to the FBI visits with his wife and Ruth Paine, and suspected the "notorious FBI."(17) Within a very short time, Marina was receiving protection and citizenship in the United States and Lee Oswald was buried at Arlington cemetery.

There is a clear distinction between assassins or alleged assassins being "alone" and being "loners." Clandestine operations require secrecy and the kind of persons attracted to these jobs have spent many years of their childhood or life alone. When Col. Edward Lansdale went to North Vietnam to contaminate oil supplies he didn't take his wife or family.

Men on assignments remove themselves for one year or more before their actual work proceeds. Relatives, parents, wives, girl friends, brothers, all sources of contacts are locked out of this private world for obvious reasons. Being alone is a necessity for certain heads of state, espionage agents, masters of war and deceit as well as their selected and paid employees.

Nobody gets close to Henry Kissinger for the same reasons that Lee Oswald, James Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, and Arthur Bremer remained semi-isolated. Important to the success of plots and conspiracies is the ability to lose the chain of command and all contacts related to the plans.

My research project consisted in separating the origin of negative statements made about Lee Harvey Oswald by that select group of 30 people in Dallas-Fort Worth and comparing them to all evidence that indicated these persons were obviously coached and not telling the truth. A small homogeneous set of persons, identical in backgrounds, interests, political philosophy, similar in goals and memories, related to oil industries and warfare employments were the associates of Marina and Lee Oswald. When Lee was killed, they provided the motive for the Warren Report which would be used over and over again for any other conspiracies and assassinations.

Allen Dulles, former chief of the CIA, was removed from that agency by President Kennedy following the Bay of Pigs "invasion" of Cuba. John Foster Dulles and brother Allen had controlled the State Department and cold war policies of the White House for eight long years.

Insane and genocidal decisions were backed up and put into effect by our international police, armies, and the CLA. Many heads of other governments were blown off to keep their economies and institutions under control of the United States.

When newly elected President John Kennedy indicated that he was not taking orders from some other invisible government then it was time for him to be assassinated.

Following the murder of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson immediately appointed Allen Dulles as a member of the commission to investigate the killing of Kennedy. With Dulles' CIA agents placed over the United States, and Gehlen's Eastern European and German agents nestled in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans, these persons could be useful to provide the smokescreen for the Warren Commission.

The first witness called to testify before the Warren Commission was Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald. Without the testimony of Marina, there would be no possible way of associating Lee Oswald with the Dallas murder evidence. Marina supplied false information and lied to the Commission.

Before her testimony started on Feb. 3,1964, she had contradicted herself continuously in 40 previous FBI interviews. Her testimony could have been proven incorrect in ten minutes if members of the Commission had examined exhibits and documents that were in their possession at that time.

Chief Justice Earl Warren helped Marina along when her memory failed. Using the old card trick of selection by elimination, Earl forced Marina to identify a picture of General Walker's home supposedly among Lee's possessions when earlier she insisted she never saw that picture before in her life.(18)

David Belin, attorney for the Warren Commission, wrote Chief Counsel J. Lee Rankin that Marina Oswald should have a polygraph test because "a substantial portion of key testimony by Marina is not subject to ordinary tests of credibility." Belin also suggested that if a polygraph test was not given, and if Marina "had not been truthful in her testimony, it could throw an entirely new light on aspects of the investigation."(19)

It was my research into the fabrications from Marina Oswald and the Russian Community that led me to know the entire investigation must be explained and understood for what it was, a cover-up for an elaborate conspiracy to kill President Kennedy and for future assassinations.

Allen Dulles came to the first meeting of the Warren Commission with a paperback book for the members. He explained this book would set the tone for their investigation and that if read, they would see a compilation of traits ascribed to previous assassins.

"It is a fascinating book, but you'll find a pattern running through here that I think we'll find in this present case."(20)

The espionage expert also suggested that he be the one who would collect all the witness testimony about why Oswald would want to kill the president. None of the Warren Commission meetings went into actual evidence or matters of criminology. Their sole concern was to kill rumors, create motives, and find reasons that could be explained. All this was to be completed before elections in 1964.

Witness testimony would be accumulated by Allen Dulles for the Warren Report. All the Report would quote or publish was from that select few persons and not the wide range of testimony that contradicted Dulles' agents.

It was quite a surprise to read witness testimony and learn that many people Dulles quoted for the Warren Report on why they "thought Oswald did it" never met Lee Harvey Oswald in their lives. Other persons saw him once and never spoke to him. Many of these people, working in warfare industries, were meeting alone with Marina Oswald who was feeding them this information against her own husband.

There are similarities between Oswald, Sirhan, Ray and Bremer -- over 35 that I could list -- but none has anything to do with personality traits or habits. Rather, in each assassination there were more bullets fired than were located in the victims and at the scene of the crime than the alleged weapons could discharge. Bullets recovered from the victims did not match the alleged weapons. All other suspects were released immediately. "No conspiracy" was announced within hours of the shootings, even when there was no suspect after the killing of Martin Luther King.

The creation of the motive for assassinations in America was so important that Allen Dulles took control of this matter at the first meeting of the Warren Commission. When testimony was taken from 552 witnesses, Marina Oswald was given first honors. She proceeded to discredit her husband, even when she had to lie to do it. Nobody ever wrote about her motives for offering the Commission the testimony they wanted you to believe. Considering what she had before, and received in exchange, it is obvious that her testimony should have been challenged.

The most important ingredient in the entirely phony Warren Report was going to be the study of an assassin's personality. Therefore it was little wonder that New York attorney Louis Nizer's introduction to the Warren Report would be nothing but a continuous blast against Lee Oswald's mental derangement. If you believed what Mr. Nizer said was factual about Oswald, then information that followed in the Warren Report would not have to be challenged or examined.

Conspiracies and plots to control elections in the United States were aided and protected by the Supreme Court, judges, lawyers, and the carefully selected legal staff. Hitler's lies, cover murders, and political assassinations were also concealed by his Supreme Court and justices.(22)

Chief Justice Earl Warren accepted his responsibility to head the Warren Commission because of Lyndon Johnson's argument that "millions of people would be killed in an atomic war if he didn't dispel these rumors." On the basis of this being "more important" than a war, Warren accepted his job and covered truth for Lyndon Johnson. (23)

The war that actually started from the time that John Kennedy was killed was against blacks, Chicanos, youth and the electoral system among other things. It was also against Vietnam Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Greece and other countries we helped overthrow to establish military dictatorships. Protecting the real assassins so long has made the way for air war escalations, slaughters of natives, famines, legalized fascism in Greece, recognition of military dictatorships whenever possible.

These conspiracies brought us Warren Burger with his desire to do away with trial by jury if and when that New Constitution goes Into effect,(24) Patrick Gray III who closes conspiracy cases when the Federal Government is involved,(25) Richard Helms' new powers in the White House even though he is the protege of Dulles and Gehlen, and his agents are used for political assassinations, Henry Kissinger, Richard Kleindienst, William Rehnquist, John Connally, Evelle Younger, Ronald Reagan, and more to come after elections in 1972.

There is a plan that guides the American assassins and every person connected to that plan in some way moves higher into positions of power which should be questioned on the basis of facts connected to the murders.

By using Louis Nizer's name and asking him to write the introduction to the Warren Report, more prestige and authority would pad the document. The flimsy evidence would be ignored, hopefully, with that opening persuasion and emotional pitch about poor Lee Harvey Oswald. The anger and embellishments Nizer threw into this section went way beyond the hatred mounted by the Russian exiles and defense department agents. Nizer pointed out Lee's weaknesses, impotence, hatred of the rich, resentment of authority, poor marital relations, desire to be famous, aggressions and hostilities, neurosis and loner's pattern.

How ironic that every adjective used by Nizer was provided by that select group of emigres, Lee's wife, and the defense department employees. Albert Jenner, attorney for the Warren Commission, referred to this group as a "cast of characters who touched the lives of Lee Oswald and Marina Oswald." (26) A few of them had definitely touched Marina Oswald, but never Lee.

To write this strong "introduction" Nizer was quoting from a handful of people and never verified the source of his information. This was one huge psychodrama where the stakes were high and the cover story had to hold all the loose pieces together. The total effect would be to sell for all time the profile of the assassin to explain the Dallas murders and any others that would follow. The script for the conspiracies, which was not supposed to get title credits, was written by Alien Dulles and Richard Helms of the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover's Division V of the FBI. Song and dance men like Nizer and Warren, with legal costumes, distracted from what was really taking place.

There was a strange twist of fate in asking Louis Nizer to help write the account of our American assassins. In 1944 Nizer belonged to a group called "The Society for the Prevention of World War III." This organization of several thousand members was dedicated to the prevention of all future wars by "whittling down Germany's war potential in all fields of activity." Remembering how the nazi "experts" developed meticulous gas chambers, there was an interest to limit future war-making machinery and immigration into the United States.(27)

Twenty years later, in 1964, Louis Nizer was being used by the Warren Commission and actually quoted the very persons he had feared would start World War III some day. The importation of certain persons allowed former nazi war criminals to conduct World War III on Asian soil.

The 30 years' war being waged in the name of peace has been a continuation of experimentation with weapons and oppressions transferred from Germany into the United States. The power to escalate this global conflict became possible by the continual murder of political candidates who stood in the way of the war machine mentality.

The time has come to stop feeling safe when the Justice Department tells you there was "no conspiracy" while you watched your candidate being slain. Everybody in the nation knows that Ted Kennedy would be killed by the same persons who murdered his brothers if he wanted to be President or if you wanted him to be your president. Lee Harvey Oswald is dead and Sirhan Sirhan is in San Quentin, and neither of these men killed John Kennedy or Robert Kennedy.

The "climate of violence" does not encourage or breed assassins. This excuse conceals the real assassins and allows plots and conspiracies to increase. When attention is focused away from all the falsehoods that conceal conspiracies and plots by calling attention to personality motives, our American mutant will then be studied for what he is.

Hopefully, the alleged assassins who are still alive will be taken to a safe place, offered amnesty and safety so they can tell us the truth about the persons who hired them to shoot a weapon at the scenes of the crimes, even if they did not kill.


1. Some day an entire book will be written about the part played by Time and Life in protecting conspirators. Their diversion away from evidence in the plots to the alleged assassins' families and personalities served only one purpose, to divert from the truth about the assassinations.

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