Don't join the book burners. Don't think you're going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed. Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book...

Dwight D. Eisenhower,
Dartmouth College, June 1953

The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam - NYT 10/3/63

A couple excerpts of the book The Plot Against The Peace by Sayers and Kahn

JFK — The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy by L. Fletcher Prouty (a few excerpts of the book)

2 of 3 Former CIA Directors Oppose Too Many Restrictions of Covert Acts (WP 4/6/78)

Napa Sentinel INSLAW article (gene-splicing technology)

Covert Action Magazine article on the Netflix Octopus Murders series

Michael Riconosciuto 1991 phone conversation from jail (Nichols and crew in Chile)

Mae Brussell excerpt March 7, 1977 (Vaccine in Chile causing kidney damage)

Cheri Seymour Affidavit 1992 (gene-splicing technology pages 10 & 11)

Desert Sun 1985 (Nichols, Cabazon Reservation, Riconosciuto, Philip Arthur Thompson, Paul Morasca)

Another Hidden Covid Risk: Lingering Kidney Problems (NYT article)

DoD Appropriations Hearings 1970 (synthetic biological agent, mass killing of populations)

Bacterial Warfare - NYT 1/13/46

AIDS epidemic's unrelenting siege - SFC 11/26/03

A decade later, mysterious ailments linger - Savannah Morning News 3-30-01

Mystery blood clots felling U.S. troops - UPI 10/6/03

Mandatory anthrax shots - USA 12/12/03

The Gestapo by Jacques Delarue (x-rays causing sterilization)

Airport X-rays - Electronic Telegraph article

New Zealand's Millionaire Murderer (John Abbot, Phillip Thompson, Michael Hennessey - His/Hers Magazine)

The Napa Sentinel's series on INSLAW

The Pentagon Papers

Italian Says 9-11 Solved (American Free Press)

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller (excerpts of the book)

More excerpts of Critical Path ("Whoever controls the Heartland, rules the world.")

Germany, The Next Republic? (Public opinion will be the new driving force in world power.)

Project Paperclip by Clarence G. Lasby (a few excerpts of the book)

'Star Wars' Lasers Held Able to Incinerate Cities (LAT 1/12/86)

Arming Outer Space (SFC 11/13/03)

Disappearing Witnesses by Penn Jones, Jr.

Heartland by Mort Sahl (excerpts of the book)

Italian 'Death List' of 1,617 - NYT 11/15/73

NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airports (Wash. Times 8/17/02)

Gulf War children's defect risk - BBC News article 10/3/01

Senator Leahy questions West Nile Virus - SJM 9/13/02

German soldiers train in Texas - SJM 12/4/77

Human_ID_Implant To Be Unveiled Soon - World Net Daily article, 8/13/00

Candy Jones on KGO Radio - 6/28/76 (QuickTime audio)

Shooting at KGO Radio - SFC 9/29/73

Brainwashing Compensation By Canada - SFC 11/20/92

CIA to Control Minds By Hypnosis - WP 2/19/78

Implantable Medical ID Approved By FDA - WP 10/14/04

On The Trail Of The Assassins by Jim Garrison (a few excerpts of the book)

Man of the House by Tip O'Neill (an excerpt of the book)

Limit CIA Role To Intelligence by Harry S Truman (WP - 12/22/63)

S.F. Attoney: Bush Allowed 9/11 (S.F. Examiner 6/11/02)

This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts (excerpt, 9/16/01)

US 'planned attack on Taleban' (BBC News article 9/18/01)

Bush planned Iraq regime change before 2001 - Sunday Herald 9/15/02

Kennedy Says Iraq War Case a 'Fraud' - AP 9/18/03

Control of the Contras Is a Hazardous Illusion (LAT 8/18/85)

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (a couple excerpts of the book)

The truth is out there ...right? (Vancouver Sun article 2/23/02)

Dahr Jamail, author of "Beyone the Green Zone" - mp3 audio file (11/15/07)

Egyptian man denies son's involvement in hijackings (SJM, 9/19/01)

Confusion Over Names Clouds Identities of Attackers on Jets (NYT 9-21-01)

U.S. Indicts 3 in Terrorist Training - NYT article

Ike says Hitler may still live - Stars & Stripes article

Sabotage! by Sayers & Kahn, 1942 (notes of the book)

Fear of Freedom by Erich Fromm (an excerpt of the book)

Richard Nixon by Earl Mazo (an excerpt of the book)

Treason's Peace by Howard Watson Ambruster (an excerpt of the book)

Base Closing Plans Face Uphill Battle - S. F. Chronicle 3/17/01

Rumsfeld Aides Seek Cuts in Armed Forces - WSJ 8/8/01

Radar Planes From NATO To Patrol U.S. Coast - WP 10/9/01

European Pilots to Protect US Skies - AP 10/10/01

The War - A Concise History 1939-1945 (an excerpt of the book)

Yugoslav trial, Terrorist revolt charged - S.F. Chronicle 10/20/74

Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic interview - 4/19/99 (mp3 audio)

Milosevic interviewer Prof. Ron Hachett on C-span - 4/24/99 (mp3 audio)

Germany takes over NATO force in Kosovo - (notes)

NATO in Afghanistan - WSJ 8/12/03

"Project Iraq" - Nightline excerpt 4/23/03

George W. takes a vacation - SJM 8/08/01

Lasers May Be the Next Battlefield Weapon - SFC 8/7/92

CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported - SFC 1/10/77

Veterans blame birth defects on Gulf War - AP 8/5/94

Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11 - The Observer 10/27/02

Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate - The Guardian 6/24/04

Forces of Power (excerpts of the book)

Front Row At The White House - by Helen Thomas (excerpts of the book)

The Swirl & the Swastika by Alex Constantine (first 9 paragraphs of the article)

Aspartame study (a page from the Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology)

World Watchers International broadcast #842 (15 min. excerpt) - Topic: Aspartame (NutraSweet)

Something Must Be Done About Sludge - SFC 10/5/78

The killing fields? Toxic waste being spread as fertilizer - SJM 7/5/97

Irradiated Ground Beef Moving Mainstream - Star Tribune 4/14/02

U.S. Agency Seeks Approval to Recycle Radioactive Metals

Study of gasoline additive wins nod - SJM article

Bangladesh faces disaster from arsenic in underground water - article

C.I.A. OPERATIONS: A PLOT SCUTTLED - New York Times article (excerpt)

Baffling Blindness Afflicts Thousands in Cuba - Washington Post article

Proposed new U.S. Constitution article - New York Times 9/8/70

1960s Terror

Scientist's death haunts family - SJM 8/8/02

Regulators Want Genetic-Test Data - WSJ 3/23/05

The Journal of Judith Beck Stein (chapter 1 of the book)

The Rape of Ma Bell (excerpts of the book)

IN BANKS WE TRUST (an excerpt of the book)

Propaganda Techniques of German Fascism - Modern English Readings (1942)

Radio Stations Pull Some Songs - NYT 9/19/01

WTC buildings and explosives? (Albuquerque Journal)

How did the WTC buildings collapse?

An excerpt from Sabotage! by Sayers & Kahn

The Kennedy Conspiracy by Paris Flammonde (a few excerpts of the book)

Ike's Farewell Address, 1/17/61

JFK's Inaugural Address, 1/20/61


The McDougall Report: Livesaving Facts Your Doctor Never Told You (an excerpt of Dr. John McDougall's book)

The Troubling New Face of America by Jimmy Carter (WP - 9/5/02)

Nixon sought to tie Wallace shooting to Democrats (Reuters - 02/28/02)

Jackie's Gift Explodes (SFC 8/6/69)

Watergate Hearings excerpt - 10/4/73

Fritz Kraemer - The Iron Mentor of the Pentagon (WP 3/2/75)

Fritz Kraemer Obiturary (NYT 11/19/03)

Heidelberg to Madrid — The Story of General Willoughby (The Reporter 8/9/52)

Letters from the Matrix

Wilhelm Reich Biography

Veterans National Memorial Cemetery in Honolulu

Judge Likens Election of Bush to Rise of Il Duce (New York Sun 6/21/04)

Untouchable - A Biography of Robert DeNiro (an excerpt of the book)

The Second Genesis - The Coming Control of Life (a few excerpts of the book)

Patriots paid price for independence - Ann Landers

Playboy interview with Jim Garrison

Age of Secrets by Gerald Bellett (notes of the book)

Howard: The Amazing Mr. Hughes (chapter 7 of the book)

Probe Into Pope's Death Demanded (SFC - 10/4/78)

Infant deaths drop when nuclear facilities close

Germany Renounces Nuclear Power (BBC News 6/15/00)

Abduction: Fiction Before Fact (introduction to the book)

Harrises Insist Patty Was Unharmed (SFC - 10/4/78)

Scientists to use exploxives in search for faults - SJM 6/12/93

The Covert War Against Rock by Alex Constantine (chapter 7 of the book)

German Settlement Stirs Controversy in Chile (WP - 12/25/87)

Search for Hidden Graves in Colonia Dignidad

Warren Commission testimonies (notes)

Mort Sahl interview - (Argo 1968)

The Rise of the Dutch Republic by Motley (preface of the book)

Sirhan Demands Retrial - (National Post 6/11/03)

Do cell phones cook cells? - AP article

How To Mark A Book by Mortimer J. Adler

Narcissism: Denial of the True Self by Alexander Lowen, M.D. (Introduction to the book)

Stansfield Turner

Greenpeace International Founder Dies in Car Crash

Inspection For Disarmament (from the book a paper by E. J. Gumbel)

Genocide - Critical Issues of the Holocaust (An excerpt of the book)

Trading With The Enemy by Charles Higham (preface of the book)

Facts and Fascism by George Seldes (Chapers 1 & 2 of the book)

In Retrospect by Robert S. McNamara (an excerpt of the book)