Transcription excerpt of Dialogue: Assassination

Broadcast #38 March 28, 1972

Mae Brussell: Dialogue Assassination is a discussion of news that is taking place each week, since the program last Saturday. It's a continuous series, every Saturday afternoon, and we take the news of the week and discuss those things that pertain to the particular political assassinations in the United States. The killing of President John Kennedy, of the Senator and canditate Robert Kennedy, and the killing of Martin Luther King—how it affected the ascention of Spiro Agnew and to the seat of vice-president, and other political assassinations: the Panthers, or the Sharon Tate massacre in Los Angeles, which was a political massacre. It pertains to all the political assassinations.

A lot of people are confused when I bring Manson in as a political patsy, such as Sirhan, and Ray, and Oswald. But I got a letter from Joe Joesten—he has a newsletter from Germany that goes out all over the world every two weeks—and he's written seven books on the political assassinations. And just yesterday Joesten's letter was "The CIA Gets Into Witchcraft and Satanism." And they're beginning to say that Oswald—they have a book coming out saying Oswald was under the influence of Satan. And Joesten caught on, finally, that there's another cover story the CIA is going to use: the Occult, as the excuse for the motive of—they've used it as the motive for the massacre in Los Angeles, and Scientology influencing Sirhan, or Manson. And these weren't the real reasons for killing the people we've mentioned. But now they're going back and trying to say that Oswald was into the Occult. And I sent a letter off to Joesten and said, "I've told you all along that the CIA will use this as their next cover story." They've used up the communist bit, and the other cover stories, so they're going to the Occult.