Transcription of World Watchers International

Broadcast #482 March 1, 1981

Time length: 60 min.

Mae Brussell: Good evening. This is Mae Brussell in Carmel, California. It's tape number 482, and it's March 1, 1981.

I have a whole section of articles to share with you this evening, but of course in one hour it's going to be impossible to cover some of these stories. I'll get back to them in the future, but I just want to run them off for you quickly so you'll know that I'm aware that they are in the news; I will cover them later.

One has to do with an interview I did with the Soho News in New York City in 1975. When I talked at the Elgin Theater I warned the people about Ronald Reagan being the Führer, the nazification of America, and so forth. I reread the article last week when I was answering a letter, and it was so pertinent to what is happening today. It was based on three lectures I gave at the Elgin Theater in New York six years ago. Later I want to go into some of those details with you.

I also want to go into the "war of the words" between Ronald Reagan, Mr. General Haig, and the Soviet Union. And an editorial that the Soviet Union is winning the "war of the words" because they can throw up to the world our oppression of people in the Philippines and in Korea and in Chile and all over the world, putting people down for the ruling Elite. It's hard to fight back because they're throwing at us evidence that we can't deny. It's an interesting article.

I mentioned the "war of the words" several weeks ago on the program; Ronald Reagan attacking the Soviet Union as murderers and terrorists. And Haig doing the same. And then the Soviet Union responded: "Well, you've said enough. Now come visit us." And General Haig replied this week, "That's an interesting offer."

The Soviet Union does have enough on the crimes and the murders that we have committed to beckon Haig and Reagan to the Soviet Union which they would not like to do, of course, just as they had Richard Nixon going to China and Russia.

I want to talk about the book "Alternative 3". Leslie Watkins was on KABC last night from London, confirming his worst fears when he wrote "Alternative 3". He will be on KABC two weeks from last Saturday night — that's about March the 13th or 14th for people on the West Coast — talking from London. And I want to go into the Moon treaty. That story was in the Long Beach papers today. This is the person who wrote the book "Alternative 3" that I did many tapes and broadcasts about. You can get those cassettes if you want. The intent of the U.S. is to build space stations for genocide.

I want to go into the problems in El Salvador. One of the members of the Senate who's pushing to cut off money from Nicaragua and El Salvador and push the military junta is Senator Lugar from Indiana. And I want to go into material that came up at the time of Watergate, that he took over a million dollars of Richard Nixon's money and put it in Swiss banks with Nazi war criminals.

There's an article this month in Penthouse magazine, March 1981, by Tom Gervasi, "The Russians Are Not Coming", about the bankrupting of this country by putting money into arms, and who profits by throwing this story at us over and over again that the Russians are coming.

There's another article I don't want you to miss [and soon I'll discuss] it with you on the air. It's in Playboy this month, it's called "Thirty-six Hours At Santa Fe". I did many tapes and radio broadcasts on the killing of the 33 people in the Santa Fe, New Mexico prisons. And this article goes into the fact that the prison chief who was brought in one month before the murders there is from the CIA and he's from Uraguay. His name is Adolph Saenze, S-A-E-N-Z-E. He trained Dan Mitrione — that's Jim Jones' buddy from Richmond, Indiana. He had trained the police in Uraguay in killing, in torture, in diobolical tortures that I will list. He moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico the month before the prison riots when the 33 informers were killed.

Two months before that took place I had warned about Raymond Percunier in California, who was in charge of our prisons, and prison riots, rascism, narcotics, gun running in our prisons, and assassinations in the California prisons. Percunier was at Santa Fe before and after the riots.

Also, this month in Gallery magazine there's a terrible article of disinformation. I was hoping it would be good. It's by Richard Russell called "The Man Who Had A Contract To Kill Lee Harvey Oswald". The story is a bunch of B.S. It has no validity at all. But I would like to analyze it for you to show you what is wrong with it. There's an introduction by Bernard Fensterwald of the CIA. And Russell, of course, is a writer for Mr. Annenberg's T.V. Guide.

I also wanted to discuss the T.V. movies such as "The Bunker" and the Evita Peron movie "Evita" that were on this last week. It's absolutely terrible that the T.V. is used as our only source of history. The people growing up will have these movies to play back and they are not history. They're worse than watered down, they are distortions of the actual truths. There's something that should be done in allowing these kinds of stories, such as the Manson Family, the SLA, Lee Harvey Oswald, and now it's Evita Peron and "The Bunker" and the Attica shooting. These things are terrible. But these two in particular I want to go into because I've been stressing so much the taking of money from Nazi Germany and turning it into narcotics, gun running, and financing the Fourth Reich (which we are experiencing now), and genocide of Third World people. And the Evita Peron bank account was a depository of $80 million to escalate this. And as soon as she was dead the money was unleashed and handed out to these people.

And I want to go at length into the book "Best Evidence" by David Lifton. I've been getting letters and calls about that. I did a review of the book for a national magazine, and the reason I don't want to do it on KLRB or on other radio broadcasts is because I assume that because they wanted me to do it and they paid me well for it, they want some kind of an exclusive on it. But the gist of "Best Evidence" is that it's not a good book. The evidence that he offers as the 'best evidence' (the body of John Kennedy) was allegedly, by David Lifton, cut up at the time of the autopsy, and the wounds rearranged so that it looked like the bullet holes came from the back so they could blame Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder. And all of that was supposed to have taken place from the time Kennedy was at Parkland Hospital, dead, until the first autopsy at Bethesda Hospital in Maryland.

David Lifton doesn't name a single person. In one part of the book he denies that the very people that he says were in autopsy room one could have done it in room two. He doesn't say where it took place. He doesn't say who did it or how they did it. And I think it's a lot of malarky.

If you are going to kill the President of the United States, certainly, anybody in on a conspiracy doesn't have to alter his body or his flesh or any part of him surgically within a 20 or 30 minute time period with many people watching. All you have to do to change the course of history is have a good fountain pen and alter the papers later. Dr. Hume could write one autopsy report, and two days later he burned it. He can call the doctors at Parkland who said there were entry holes and he said, "No, those were exit holes." He can have a drawing of where the hole was on John Kennedy's body and tell an artist where it was. And then a few years later they raise the hole up and redraw it and say, "Oh no, it's a few inches higher." The Warren Commission didn't ask for photographs taken of John Kennedy's body.

So all you need to change the course of history is a fountain pen. And I don't believe that anybody would get that involved in altering a body surgically when you have so much control over the situation.

Another point I do want to make on it is that if there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, there also was a conspiracy to kill the patsy who would be blamed for the murder. Kennedy was killed on Sunday. With Oswald killed there wouldn't be a trial. So why would anybody, 20 minutes after Kennedy was dead, start surgically altering his body when they never could dream there would be anything like the Warren Commission that was so big. They were supposed to have a Texas Court of Inquiry with Robert Story (?) of the State Department and Leon Jaworski of the CIA.

So Kennedy was dead, and as soon as the doctors left the autopsy room the embalmers were there immediately putting the fluid in him. He went to the East Room of the White House and then he was buried. The chances of exhuming him were practically impossible.

Even if they had a prestigious commission, a staff of hundreds, years to work, and millions of dollars, they still altered history. They didn't ask for the autopsy x-rays, they didn't ask fo the photographs of the body. They threw the brains away. Why do you have to slice the brains with a hatchet, as he implied, or sew the skull together, or find pieces of the skull and patch it up in front of 20 or 30 people, when you're going to throw the brains out? They were never seen or examined for ballistic evidence. So the Warren Commission and the Justice Department and J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA and the Pentagon could do anything with the body they wanted as far as history goes. They just take Kennedy's body, they did an autopsy, they buried the guy. Then they wrote their history, and rewrote their history, and forced witnesses to say the impossible. Arlen Specter fabricated this one bullet theory that went through John Kennedy and through John Connally which even Connally denied.

So the point is why go to all the bother of double coffins, of body bag verses a sheet, and double ambulances, or three ambulances? And the whole book is 700 pages, which proves that you can write 700 pages and not say anything.

He absolves everybody at the end of not having any complicity; not the army, and so forth. David Lifton had two burning obsessions: one was to prove that the Warren Commission were honorable people, but they made an error because they didn't have all the proper parts of Kennedy's corpse when they did their work. And the second thing he wanted to prove was that all "the critics" — he keeps referring to "the critics" — were off base because they based their conclusions on a body that was surgically altered before burial.

Well, I don't think David Lifton is in a position to instruct John J. McCloy of Chase Manhattan and the CIA; or Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA; and the entire CIA staff of secretaries; and so forth, that they missed any points. The problem with the Warren Commission was they didn't even ask for any evidence or physical evidence to solve the crime; They never called the right witnesses; they didn't use what they had; they didn't use the photographs or the x-rays of Kennedy's body, they used third hand drawings. The Commission was cropped from the very beginning. And by David Lifton agreeing to say the Commission were innocent, new born babes in the arms of innocents, who were only misdirected because some devils in an autopsy room surgically altered the corpse of the President is beyond belief.

I won't say anymore about the book until the review is published and then you can get it in the magazine — hopefully in a couple of months. It takes that long from the time you give it to them until it [is published]. But that's my opinion of "Best Evidence".

Those are three stories in the news that I want to cover in detail and maybe I'll get back to them this evening, maybe I won't, because I want to concentrate on one main story, one part, like an octapus that fits in one of the branches of this conspiracy body that's coming unglued right now. So I'm going to pass up stories that I've been doing on the Wells Fargo embezzlement case in Los Angeles. That continues to be one of the biggest stories in the country. It has made the front pages of the New York Times, finally. It was in section D of the sports section, a two-inch column — remember? Way back it started. Now it's on the front page, and the person writing the article — February 23, 1981 — is Jeff Gerth. He did that monumental work in Sundance a few years ago on Richard Nixon and the mafia. I should have those copied and reprinted for people who don't have it. He's a very alert person. I called Jeff Gerth in Washington, D.C. to ask him if he was aware of the possibility that the Wells Fargo Bank missing $21 million to $23 million to $680 million — linked now to the Japanese mafia and other tentacles that are very elusive but come loud and clear — had connections to Florida, the Century City connections, Ceasar's Palos in Vegas, and so forth. He was not aware of those connections and I told him that this week I would send him a diagram of those.

Also, the Los Angeles Times had to break with a front page story and a full page February 26th. They call their story: "Wells Fargo Victim of 'Simple' Scheme". The bank chairman said one man acted alone in scheming the missing $21.3 million. But the article goes on with all kinds of evasions and unanswered questions of bank policies and how the money was gone and where it went. And they are discounting the link of it to millions of dollars that have gone to Tennessee or the Hollywood branch officials who were fired. They are discounting any connections to Gene Kawakami, but Jeff Gerth told me that Kawakami was in Australia on trips with Harold Smith from the Beverly Hills branch. So the Beverly Hills offices have to be lying about what they are saying, but it is making the front page story that's important.

Another article in the L.A. Times: "Money Guru's Followers Face Loss of Millions". And those are the Tennessee connections to the bank. I'll probably go into that again next week, and probably link to that story again.

Remember the spy who left Lompoc prison recently, the escaped spy Christopher Boyce? Well, he's running a cocaine ring down in Palos Verdes Estates in Southern California, which is where Mr. Kawakami and Mr. Fisher and the Vegas gang are linked to the Wells Fargo scandal. He was a man who worked with the KGB and the CIA. He was accused of giving the KGB information. This is one of these famous escapes that was allowed to happen. Mr. Christopher Boyce is working between the United States and Mexico. He's in on cocaine traffic out of the Wells Fargo Bank, out of the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia, and trips to Australia. This man is working with the KGB and was arrested for that. He's out at Palos Verdes. The Palos Verdes Police know where he is and it's the Palos Verdes Estates where the official from the Wells Fargo Bank lives. Involves cocaine, the KGB, and the CIA. I imagine that the CIA agent that Christopher Boyce worked with had something to do with John Paisely and Lee Harvey Oswald because the money out of the Nugan Hand Bank (the CIA Bank in Austrailia) had to do with John Paisely and Lee Harvey Oswald's trips to the Soviet Union.

I'm still charting this story like I mentioned last week, the allegations of Harold Smith of the Japanese mafia involved. William Colby, the lawyer for Nugan Hand representatives, was head of the CIA when it was putting heroine and cocaine money into the CIA bank. Colby left the CIA to become a lobbyist for Japanese firms.

So we have a can of worms of the Wells Fargo Bank in Beverly Hills; this Christopher Boyce story in the Palos Verdes Estes; cocaine operations; and the Nugan Hand money missing — that is a very big story.

Also on our own dear Monterey Peninsula the story is closing in and I'm drawing diagrams of that, too, because 20th Century Fox was just sold this to this man, a buddy of Frank Sinatra's — front page story of our Monterey Herald today. Sinatra's gang has bought 20th Century Fox. Gerald Ford was a director on there along with Grace Kelly. 20th Century Fox owns Pebble Beach, and there's a lot of Japanese money coming into the Big Sur area. And of course Hiakawa, who is very close to this group, has been instrumental in stopping the federal government from "protecting Big Sur" so the private developers could come in.

So our entire Monterey Peninsula will change face with this big transaction. And again, Sinatra just got a hold of Ceasar's Palos. He got reinstated, his lifelong dream since the '60s, to be in charge of Ceasar's Palos. And Ceasar's Palos is linked to the Wells Fargo clique.

So just vaguely again, these stories of the selling of 20th Century Fox, the Nugan Hand money, the Wells Fargo Bank, and the Christopher Boyce story, are hanging in there with possible interlocking connections that I'm following. But I do want to pass that up, just run it down; I'm throwing out a lot of names to you, but I'll get back to them later.

I want to go into a story that I talked about briefly described in the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver uncovered the headquarters of the international crime conglomerate with their headquarters in San Francisco. Now that's a pretty big order. We're talking about, also, my fears that the Nugan Hand Bank funded the SLA and Jonestown and a lot of the San Francisco violence coming out of the San Francisco Police Department, the prison systems, and so forth. So I'm watching San Francisco carefully. But this story says " international crime conglomerate..." with its base in San Francisco; It's international crime.

Some of these stories, in order to find the CIA or DEA connections, you have to comb through years or months of little articles. But the way this story broke on January 11, 1981 in the San Francisco Examiner and Chonicle was: "CIA Linked To Curious Case of an Actress Who Vanished" . Very seldom does the CIA get a headline when the case first breaks. You have to eke it out.

And there were stories in the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, no other newspapers that I take — I take 10 a day — and most of these I'm getting clippings from a subscriber to the tapes who follows them every week and plays these broadcasts on other stations in Northern California. My editions of the paper coming down here don't even have this — the ones that came to Carmel the same day. And he's mailing me these articles and as of this date there's only been about 8 or 9 articles even though the headlines entry story was "The CIA Is Linked," and then part of the story is the "headquarters international conglomerate."

Well, down in Australia you see the CIA is linked to — according to the New York news and Joe Voltz (?) and the story I read to you on the air — the international crime syndicate, too. So will these two meet in San Francisco?

The headline stories of this item on the CIA began January 11th.

January 16th the San Francisco Examiner said: "Dangerous Ex-con is Set Free. Judge is baffled by the leaky system that let the dangerous man go."

On the 17th the Examiner said: "Ex-con back in custody after uproar over bail."

On January the 18th: "Master Plan of a criminal genius". A genius planned robberies from a base in Canada. This is a man who's been trained in fluent Japanese and speaks Japanese. And again the Japanese mafia connections come into this.

Another story on the 19th: "Clues Found in Warehouse Hint Murder of San Francisco Woman."

Then another article on the 20th: "Ex-convict is freed on $5,000 bail". And the next article was that the District Attorney in San Francisco, Arlo Smith, they tried to kick off of the case. They said, "A bid to out Arlo Smith in the Mystery Case."

And then another article: "Masterful Crime...Turning Loot Into Guns". The plan is uncovered and linked to an actress' disappearance.

And the punch-line of course is guns by the CIA and narcotics traffic for El Salvador that the United States and General Haig are accusing the Russians of sending in.

Another article on "The McDonald File".

And then after February the 6th — that's almost a month ago — I haven't seen a single update of the story. The first story that broke where the CIA was linked to the case has to do with an actress, not a very well-known actress, by the name of Valerie McDonald. She disappeared November the 9th, this last November. On November the 26th a man, Michael Hennessy, who was linked to her disappearance, was killed in Trail, Canada, in British Colombia by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

And January 1st, 1981, just two months after her murder, a woman, Inez Sailor, from Germany, who had just arrived in the San Jose area [was killed]. She had been to Canada and New Mexico — interestingly enough. (She was there just a month before the riots or breakouts when the CIA man became head of the prison in New Mexico.) She worked at a Japanese bedding store in San Francisco in the Japanese part of town — another connection, possibly, to the other gentleman speaking fluent Japanese. Anyway, this woman from Germany had the name of the actress in her possession who had been murdered. Valerie McDonald had gone to the University of Oregon and she went to the San Francisco Art Institute. She was working as an actress in San Francisco.

Now, the San Francisco Chronicle — they usually put things very lightly — had this to say:

What went on before, between, and since Valerie McDonald's death form parts of a byzantine puzzle that...leads to police of two countries...a puzzle that grows in size and changes in shape the longer it lies in pieces."

We've got two countries, we've got police, we have the CIA, and "a byzantine puzzle". The Chronicle went on:

Among the pieces: A criminal genius named John Abbott...His father works for the United Nations in Rome, Italy...His mother is a professor at the University of California in Davis.

They have a gun traced to a former prison guard. The guard left San Quentin when these three characters were released from San Quentin and had a permit to get the weapons to supply. There are allegations in this first article of links to the Central Intelligence Agency, to the Drug Enforcement Agency, to weapons going to El Salvador and the right wing counterinsurgency area coming out of the San Francisco-Vancouver base.

It involves (according to the Chronicle) murders, forgeries, kidnappings, assaults, burglary, possession of stolen property, and attempts to get a million dollars for the El Salvador right wing. The first article described an apartment in San Francisco called the Tower Apartments where Valerie McDonald lived. The new manager of the apartment was only released from San Quentin in August. Her murder took place in November. The assistant manager was John Gordon Abbott, with an high I.Q. of 160, a lot of international connections, trained in the Japanese language, and so forth. He left San Quentin right after Mr. Thompson left in the fall. And Michael John Hennessey, another assistant manager, was paroled in July of 1980.

So the manager of the apartment, the assistant manager, and the second assistant manager were all released from San Quentin Prison in 1980. They had been picked up before for escaping, stolen weapons, owning weapons, and so forth, and when the three got out they met up with the prison guard from San Quentin who was supplying new weapons for their operation.

John Abbott was described in the Chronicle as brilliant, an I.Q. in excess of 160, he was involved in one robbery in Davis, California where his brother was murdered, and eventually he was in for a short time with his buddy and then he go out.

His father is chief marketing economist for the United Nations in Rome, Italy. The mother is a professor at the University of California.

I think of Megan Marshack. She's the woman that was with Nelson Rockefeller when he died. That involved big bucks, too, and her visit to her brother up at Davis. She was quite a heroine at the time. I don't know if there's any connection to the Marshack-Reagan-Colby team up in Davis, but for free thought or free association I'll just throw that out.

This Abbott was arrested in 1978 for $250,000 for art objects, jewelry, caches of automatic weapons. And the men were involved in at least three roberries, the San Francisco Chronicle said. They were tied to at least three but no one in their jurisdictions ever moved to prosecute them. They were only in on one wrap and they were let out to manage this apartment where they all got together later. But there were three other known robberies they were allowed to take part in, and there was never any effort to pin them down or prosecute them.

In other words, Abbott and Thompson have gotten off many times. The wife of John Abbott said they were getting together a million dollar bank roll to deliver to a counterinsurgency group in El Salvador. It is interesting she said that the headline of the first story says "CIA Linked To Disappearing Actress" and the wife of one of the men arrested said the purpose was to send it to El Salvador. And the article associates the case with the DEA and the CIA.

It goes on to say John Abbott was not only a genius, but he spoke Japanese fluently, he studied Asian history, knows about anything you would ever want to know. So I wonder if he spent time for the burglaries and the art objects and the other arrests that he got away from.

Sandra Sutherland, a private investigator for Valerie McDonald's family, said there are links of them with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the CIA, and everywhere we go there is a dead end, except the CIA. The McDonald family can't get any help, even though the clothing and the voting registration and the unemployment cards of Valerie McDonald's were found in their possession. No one has been charged with her murder.

They found tape and seaweed, cement, cyanide, and all kinds of possessions among these men. One of the men has been killed, two are alive, and so far they haven't even been charged for her murder with all of these possessions.

The described dangerous ex-con was set free. His name is Phillip Thompson, the one that got out of prison to manage the apartment. A woman came with a slip of paper and gave it to the judge. She didn't identify herself and gave it to Judge Louis Garcia after Thompson was picked up. And the judge let him go.

Abbott and Hennessey was picked up on a fluke in Vancouver in a car transmission shop. One pulled a gun and the mounted police shot Hennessey and killed him. In the car was the name of Phillip Thompson in San Francisco at Hunters Point. And when they canvassed the warehouse, that's where they came across files and stockpiles of the intelligence operation.

So it was through a fluke that the Canadian police shot Hennessey and killed him, and then went into his home and that led them to San Francisco.

Now this is the end of the first half hour of this tangled web. I'm going back to it in just one minute. It's Mae Brussell in Carmel, California. We'll take a break and get back to this CIA story with its many connections and mysteries.



Okay. The reason I want to spend so much of this evening on this case is that it exemplifies so perfectly the cocaine-narcotics traffic, the profits, the transfer of them into weapons — and I'm going into that in the second half — the use of the money to send to countries like El Salvador to put down the people's movement where we have such a high rate of mortality and poverty and unemployment and starvation.

A friend called me this evening before I came to the station and she listens to short wave radio. The Salvador Army was rounding up people on the edge of a volcano and practically committing genocide; they killed 10,000 people last year, including Americans and a priest, and they shot down people that went to his funeral.

This week 20/20 had a segment on El Salvador and the atrocities and the poverty. If you Americans think that you can sit back and avoid that happening in your own home town you won't be able to do it. What we're doing there is allowing these things to happen. We're allowing prison guards to resign from prisons, like San Quentin, and supply weapons for these known murderers and criminals. We're supplying them with safe houses, such as apartments, guns, bail money, the judges are told to let them out of jail. They have cars, money, travel, a fancy apartment up in Canada. This is a multi-million dollar operation for the sole purpose of wiping out entire populations, whether it's Bolivia, Salvador, Peru, Venezuala, Guatemala, Uraguay, Paraguay, Chile — you name it — these countries where the people are impoverished. Or in South Korea — the same thing. The riots just before the junta took over there — we are allowing this. We are allowing our own goon squads and our own tax dollars to go into the CIA. We can't say we don't know it's happening. It's happening. It's in our newspapers; it's there if you want to see it.

This Phillip Thompson, one of the three men, the triumvirate of this operation who had gotten out of prison and had this San Francisco base, worked at Hunters Point. And he had a warehouse at Hunters Point. That also is a place where Jim Jones was appointed by the Mayor to be in charge of activities. Thompson had a fifteen year history of violent crime. This is the man that the judge released out of the jail. He was told to let him go and he just let him go on the assumtion he would return. He's known to have many escapes, he was linked to the McDonald disappearance, the murder of Valerie McDonald, by blood and hair and tape in the warehouse where he was arrested. When he was arrested he was released from custody. He's been charged with multiple felony counts of stolen property, weapons, narcotic violations, kidnapping, forgery, and murder charges, but the court let him go.

A young woman who didn't identify herself went to the court and gave a note to the judge, Louis Garcia. He read the paper and he immediately dismissed Mr. Thompson. Then afterwards he was chided for it and said, "Well, it's like closing the barn door after the horse is out." Thompson is supposed to be educated like Abbott. He is a history buff. He spent a lot of time reading in prison. And I'll bet you he has read a lot of Hitler and the Reich. And there's a lot of Klan, Nazi, and White Aryans in the prison system. I'm sure that is the kind of history he was reading.

In British Colombia where these men were involved in a shootout and Hennessey was killed, the British Colombia Mounted Police went to the apartment of Mr. Hennessey and found identification papers that were from San Francisco that belonged to Valerie McDonald.

They found the address of a warehouse at 137 O'walla Street in San Francisco. They staked it out and arrested Mr. Thompson. They got a search warrant and they went into the warehouse where Mr. Thompson was taking a gun in.

Now, what did they find in the warehouse?: Stolen vehicles; payroll checks from firms; material linked to the United Parcel hijackings last month; United Parcel wrappings; drivers uniforms from the United Parcel; they found that people were living in the warehouse recently; they found an automobile registerred to the former state prison guard. The weapons used in Canada by Hennessey and Abbott were traced to the San Quentin prison guard (the guard that applied for a firearms permit and was supplying automatic weapons in large amounts). The prison guard's name is not in the few newspaper articles so far, but the San Francisco Police had trained members of the SLA and of the Jonestown goon squad and had given them their shooting training. And the prison and the San Francisco Police Department is very much part of the Nazi repression in South America that is going on today.

Incidentally, there was an arrest in Hollywood a few weeks ago of a group of Jewish people: a Rabbi and thirteen Jews. And the Los Angeles Police Department had an apology in the paper. It was a hasidic and the neighbors complained that they were making too much noise. The Los Angeles Police went in and arrested them and started to beat them up and took them to the police department. Chief of police Gates apoligized this week for the arrest. He said, "We could have done something else. We could have gone in to see why they were making the noise." And the students in the building that were arrested said it wasn't only the apology or the arrest that they minded, but the policemen said, "We have ovens waiting for you." And threatened them that someday they would be burned in the ovens.

That's the Los Angeles Police Department this last week.

So the San Francisco Police and the Los Angeles Police that worked with Jim Jones and the SLA and Donald DeFreeze are a ball of wax that all ties together. And this story that I'm telling you about isn't isolated from a lot of things that are going on out here in California.

There was another article about Phillip Thompson. He was released, and then taken back into the courts because of the embarrassment of letting him go. The excuse that he was released was because he was an honorable member of the community. Even though at the time the police arrested him at Hunters Point they found potassium cyanide; they found license plates made in San Quentin; a cache of welfare checks; U.S. Treasury checks, also taken in Santa Rosa on November 1st of 1980; 1700 pieces of mail that they got from the postal department somehow, including checks; cartons from United Parcel Service trucks; and also in the warehouse they found some of the clothing of Valerie McDonald and pictures of her. And the judge still released him as being a very honorable man.

In Vancouver they went into Mr. Hennessey's very expensive apartment in Roseland, British Colombia. It's a fancy ski resort in a quiet little town, and they found 15 or 20 neat, white cardboard file folders. And this is where the story gets a little thicker. I think of the various bank robberies and the money going to nazi funding of right wing movements around the world. It involves officials in California, or the FBI, or CIA, and it gets more serious and there's been a lid on this story. They found that Mr. Abbott, Hennessey, and Thompson had names and addresses of officers in banks in California; they had the armored car companies that delivered to the banks; they had the lists of money going in and out of commercial firms, such as Safeway; they're files had complete details — according to the San Francisco paper — of the families of the drivers who move the money; not only the men themselves that move the money, but the families — who they were, and the drivers. But that's not all: The way they did the robberies of some of the trucks was to throw sheets over the people's heads. And they believe they probably took them to the Hunters Point warehouse.

The San Francisco Examiner said:

The law enforcement officials believe the series of crimes planned by the group was designed to raise money for the purchase of automatic weapons to be sold in cocaine-rich Colombia and Bolivia and to right wing plotters in El Salvador.

I'm reading from the newspaper.

The former prison guard was to be used... to purchase weapons.

They used a man with a clean record, the prison guard.

And then in the Canadian hideaway they found Valerie McDonald's voter registration card. She was missing since November of 1980. It would be interesting to look in San Francisco and check if they used a dead person to vote in the elections in California — whether in fact she had voted, or whether they had her voter registration card.

They had her unemployment benefit cards, which was similar to what Jim Jones did with deceased people and their money coming in. But they had plans for operational base, for forays — according to the Chronicle — against the Loomis trucks, the Brinks banks, and the Hibernia Bank in California.

They not only wanted to know where the Brinks money was going, but these men had the names of the drivers of the trucks that carry the money from the banks; the names of the dispatchers; they had the names of the different companies that deliver and take; and they had the drivers' home addresses.

Then they go a step further: they had the names of each child of a particular driver of the truck — one, two, three, or four. And they had the social security numbers of the drivers. And they had their drivers license numbers! It's one thing to get a Brinks truck and throw a sheet over the driver's head, but it's another thing to have in advance his drivers license number, his social security number, their daily schedules, and the ages of the drivers' children. Does this remind you a little of our San Francisco Zodiac killer taking children and threatening school buses, the Chowchilla kidnappings, and so forth? They had the ages of the children and their names. They had the drivers' trucks, the drivers licenses, their social security numbers, their schedules, their children's names, and the names of the schools that the children attended.

Keep in mind that a Brinks bank was robbed by a man just about two months ago who bragged about being a member of the Nazi party, and he took $1.2 million and went down to Peru. He said it was for the Nazis down there. And this was a Brinks bank, and he left the San Francisco airport. The police had him and he was allowed to escape in the custody of the San Francisco Police.

So when the lead article came out "The CIA is Involved to this Mystery Case" — and I've claimed for years that the CIA was behind the SLA, Charles Bates, the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Donald DeFreeze, the Manson Family, and the whole schmear, I have a list of what is it now 30 or 40 California violences. These people had more information than they need to know. And they had to get it from either Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, or DIA, or the IRS, or the FBI, or the CIA — if there's any difference. All that kind of information in advance of their operation was found up in Canada, and what would their operation — if they wanted to send weapons to El Salvador — what would they have to know about the schools that these children go to, or anything about these children? So it is a known fact in California — I'm not talking about other states, but I've studied other states — the former criminals and murderers are released from prison by the police departments who are members of the Nazi party and the Klan — I've verified this over and over again. [Members of] white racist organizations are released; they're allowed to leave.

I've also alleged that these bank robberies, Brinks, the train robberies — and it's been proven that the recent burglarizing of a million dollars or more from the safes in Nice, France was for a fascist nazi regime. They couldn't do it without the help of the police department or the getaway. The people doing it are all getting away. The Great Robbery, or the Brinks Robbery, going to Brazil or out of the country — millions of dollars. It is a known fact they use former criminals. It is a fact that these robberies go to right wing fascist regimes; the money is used for fascism. It is a fact that it is turned into cocaine. They send weapons down there and then cocaine is sent back that is multiplied ten times it's value — and they start that cycle.

It's also strange that we always get families of prominence, such as the Abbott family: the mother is a professor and the father is representing the United States in Rome. These families get tangled. And this kid was trained in the Japanese language and working with these people.

They had to have inside information about these banks. They had to have a lot of money to rent the kind of warehouse that is housing these cars at Hunters Point with all this equipment and fancy apartments up north; They and their families had to be well-funded; they don't come out of nowhere.

And again, the three men with records leave San Quentin (after they get a slap on the wrist), as long as they become managers of an apartment in San Francisco. I stress this because we hear so much about law and order and building bigger prisons and not condoning violence.

The San Francisco Police said that after they went into the warehouse they did find cement bags with bits of dry seaweed. This is from the Chronicle January 19, 1981. They found seaweed stuck to the bottoms of these cement pieces. They found a piece of tape which appeared to be a gag for Valerie McDonald, and to this day nobody has been charged with her murder. The building had pieces and bits of evidence [indicating] she could have been killed or disposed of in the ocean. And the warehouse had all kinds of bags and gags and yet, as I say, they have not been charged. And a man that was taken into custody down in San Francisco, this Thompson who had stolen automatic pistols, he was given $5,000 bail and let loose. There was an objection to his being freed on $5,000, and an objection that he'll flee the country. What is $5,000 to a man that's involved in this much crime and drug traffic, and so forth?

The pistol that this fellow had came from a Sacramento bail bond woman who allegedly gave him a 1973 Chevrolet car, and also a pistol; a bail bond woman in Sacramento was supplying the transportation and a gun for Hennessey and Abbott when they were apprehended by the Royal Mounties in Canada. They traced the gun to a bail bondsman in Sacramento.

When Charles Manson got out of jail and shared a cell with Alvin "Creepy" Karpis (J. Edgar Hoover's buddy), he went right to Sacramento where he began to get money to buy vans and get his stereo and take his famous trip around the country before they nestled down at the Spahn Ranch in Topanga Canyon.

So a bail bondsman had an assistant (a woman) who was being very quiet of putting up a car and weapons when these men went up north. Phillip Thompson, as I say, was freed on $5,000 bail, even though there were paraphenalia of drugs, narcotics, an ex-felon, firearms, grand theft, items from the United Parcel Service, lists of future plans and operations, and all that information. And I believe the reason Phillip Thompson is out on $5,000 is that he has to clean up the source of the information of whoever provided them with the drivers licenses and the names, social security numbers, names of the schools, and the names of the children. He must know an awful lot.

I predicted that as soon as Ronald Reagan — the expert on terrorism in California for eight years — became president we would have a blood bath in California. And what I think is important about these series of articles is that the lists of people and their children were [going to be] the nucleus of the next Zodiac-Zebra-SLA-Manson-holocaust-Chowchilla — you name it — up in the northern bay area.

This operation was supposed to be running between San Francisco and Vancouver. It could result in like a Jonestown-mass deaths-mass arrests, because soon, March 13th, is the anniversay of the Reichstag, where Adolf Hitler burned down his own building as an excuse to round up the radicals and the leftists and the people that were on to Adolf Hitler just prior to his election. And just days after he was elected, on March 13th, 1933 (there's a lot of 3s in there, whatever that means: 3, 13, and 33) came the Reichstag and the rounding up. I think the importance in the silence of this particular case in San Francisco is that there's weapons, there are ex-cons, there's money, and the most important thing is there's the identification.

There's another article saying that just taking from the Hibernia Bank, with the information they had, would have involved about $3 million to $6 million alone in one burglary. But there was another article in the San Francisco Chronicle that even has more serious implications, and again, this gets back to the Wells Fargo missing money, and the Nugan Hand missing money. The article in the Examiner said:

Indications of a sophisticated robbery scheme were uncovered in sketches, timetables and other notes found.

Hennessey, who's now dead up in Vancouver, Mr. Abbott, who's under arrest, and Thompson, who was released on $5,000.

Police were particularly impressed with their research...

These three men with their research. Three cons that were locked up until July and August of 1980 could do all this reasearch?!

...were impressed with their research into the shipment of money by Hibernia Bank.

Now we're hitting another bank. The men were going to stage a robbery at one point in the trail they plotted, where they would have access to $3 million to $6 million in the case of the Hibernia bank. This is the Examiner:

...they knew the exact routes taken by their trucks when they made their Friday collections... Law enforcement and banking officials are troubled by the detailed nature of the information on the bank's money movements. "Some of the information found in those notes is known to only four or five persons within the bank," says one law enforcement source.

[They also found] documents when John Gordon Abbott [was pulled over] just recently on highway 101. When the highway police stopped him he jumped a fence and escaped on foot.

There's a primary question of the tragedy going down in El Salvador and South America now, the bank crises in Beverly Hills, all the way from Beverly Hills up to San Francisco, linking the Wells Fargo to Las Vegas money, Ceasar's Palos, money coming out of a hidden source in Florida down to offices in Century City, the Palos Verdes Estates, gambling operations in Gardena, California, Australia, links to Australia, trips to Australia, from Wells Fargo down to the Nugan Hand [bank in Australia].

There are a combination of banks that are directly affecting California right now that will affect the whole country later. When Hitler had a Reischtage fire in Germany, whatever laws he had applied there [can be applied in this country] if there's a Reischstag incident here. Whatever Ronald Reagan pulls, or General Haig, to get total power, whatever city they pull it in, with these people it will involve the whole United States; it's not going to involve one city.

These people had access; four or five people in the Hibernia bank, not identified, have to be involved in this.

A prison guard from San Quentin, not identified, has to be involved with this.

A judge was given a note "Let Thompson go." They had to be involved with this. They had to know something.

And they're taking $3 million to $6 million from here and sending it to El Salvador, the expertise of speaking Japanese know-how, and, as I said when I began this subject, we usually have to search for the CIA connections to all of this hanky panky. But the first story linking this — I repeat again — said the CIA is linked to the curious case of the disappearance of the actress Valerie McDonald. So you go beyond the CIA to Valerie McDonald up to a place in Canada and a place in San Francisco with details of school children, the schools they go to, the ages, the fathers, the social security numbers, the drivers license numbers, the time they go to work, the time they leave, and then you take it inside the bowels of a Hibernia Bank in San Francisco. Remember that fake bank robbery that Patty used, the famous Hibernia, too, that was involved with the Patty Hearst case and involved four or five people within that bank.

Wells Fargo is trying to pin what they say is a $21 million disappearance of money on one man — that's the cover story this week; one computer problem. They haven't arrested or indicted anybody. They are very secretive. They are trying to pin what's supposed to be $380 million missing on an inside job. But this Hibernia is working with those people, with all of their identification, with police, with former prisoners, with international connections, connections in Bolivia and El Salvador and Canada, and, as the Chronicle described it, as the international connection. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to watch the operations while other events are going on and while Reagan and Haig are getting us on the verge of World War III.

Ronald Reagan is very close to all this. He came from California. He came to power through all of this schtick, and this is his expertise. All of a sudden he says very casually, "I'm not interested in the Middle East." He wants to tangle up Central America because he can control the South American countries: Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, Argentina — you name it. And all of those countries are involved with nazis, persecution, gun running, narcotics, and all kinds of murder and genocide. And what he has to wrap up to really control the world is Central America: Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. And then it's smooth sailing for them to wrap in or try to tie up Mexico. Mexico is going along with Cuba and not Ronald Reagan. So I think Ronald Reagan and Haig are pushing their guns to tie up Central America.

There was a point on 60 Minutes about the cocaine traffic coming out of Bolivia and their desire to be recognized by Ronald Reagan as honorable great people. Jimmy Carter cut off relations with them after the coup and Bolivia now wants to be recognized in spite of the great cocaine traffic.

Little countries like El Salvador only make coffee. How important are those ten families who run El Salvador to risk a World War or to risk Cuba and Mexico and Russia getting into the scene? And are we going to allow it for a bunch of hoods? This isn't to preserve democracy; This isn't to get rid of communism; This is to spread fascism. I've been wanting to go at length on this San Francisco case for a few weeks. See if your papers in the East and West and Northwest carry it because it will affect all of us all around the world.

The last article — one of the last on the subject — January 23rd in the San Francisco Examiner said that what they wanted to do was run a trail from Canada down to South America. You convert $100,000 here into automatic weapons, send them down to South America, and swap it there for $1 million of cocaine. You multiply it by ten and then do a routine drug transaction.

Now these three men in San Quentin prison couldn't possibly know about the four or five officials in the Hibernia bank, the information they had, or the identifications. So as the first story said, and I repeat, the CIA is in this, and only when our tax dollars stops supporting these hoods and thugs are we going to stop repression all over the world. Little stories are breaking out into big stories.

I can't do much more in one hour a week except to alert you to the traffic operatives and to let you know what kind of things our tax dollars are going into. And the mystery of Valerie McDonald is not solved. Her family can't get any prosecutions or arrests on her murder, even though they have her clothing, her items, and evidence that they sunk her. These people are part of a larger operation and therefore they are letting her case go by.

Well next week we'll pick up some of the threads of this tangled web. In the meantime I did want to cover this case at length, and we'll stop for now. This is Mae Brussell in Carmel, California, and I'll be back with you next week.