An Outline of Marina Oswald's testimony to the Warren Commission

Monday, February 3, 1964

from volume I, pages 1 - 29

Location: 200 Maryland Ave. NE., Wasington, D.C.


Marina Oswald

Lee and Marina met with Robert Oswald in Dallas, stayed with him and his family in Fort Worth for 1 - 2 months.

Then lived with Lee's mother, Marguerite, in Fort Worth for about 3 weeks.

Then rented an apartment on Mercedes St.

Lee found work as a welder near Mercedes St. where they lived. Income about $200 a month; $1.25 an hour.

Lee read books from the library, mostly history.

Marina doesn't recall seeing any guns when living on Mercedes St.

Lee loved their kids.

Lee lost his welding job.

Russian friend, George Bouhe, helped Lee find work in Dallas, $1.40 an hour

While living in Fort Worth, became friends with Russian Peter Gregory, through him met others.

Lee and Marina didn't own a car.

When Lee moved to Dallas, Marina stayed in Ft. Worth with Elena Hall for about 1 1/2 months. Marina never paid her any money.

Lee rented a room at the YMCA in Dallas at first, then shortly after got an apartment.

Then Marina and Lee got an apartment in Dallas on Elsbeth St.

Lee took English courses or typing courses 3 days a week.

They moved from Elsbeth St. apartment to an apartment on Neely St.

They fought, Lee wanted her to move back to Russia, but she didn't want to.

With the exeption of George De Mohrenschildt, Lee didn't like Marina's Russian friends. He said they were traitors for leaving Russia.

While living on Neely St. Lee had a rifle and a revolver.

Before the General Walker shooting, Lee was preparing.

Marina thinks he practiced shooting at a range at Love Field.

Lee asked Marina to take photos of Lee holding his rifle and pistol.

Lee tried to shoot General Ed Walker.

Days later Lee lost his job. Marina insisted he find a job in New Orleans where he had relatives (the Murrets).

She thought Lee was writing some kind of memoirs, as he had written about his life in the Soviet Union. But she never read it.

Marina stayed with Mrs. Ruth Paine while Lee went to New Orleans looking for work.

Lee found work in New Orleans. Ruth Paine helped Marina move to Magazine Street in New Orleans with Lee.

While in Ft. Worth, about August 1962, the FBI visited and questioned Lee. According to Lee, the FBI wanted him to notify them if some Russians try to recruit him for work.

In New Orleans, Lee got a job at the Louisianna Coffee Co.

Marina wrote to the Soviet Embassy requesting permission to return. While in New Orleans she wrote again, stating that Lee wanted to come with her.

After he lost his job, Lee became active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Lee had a rifle when they lived in New Orleans.

Lee didn't like the U.S.

Some Communist leader (probably from New York) sent Lee a letter, and Lee was very happy.

Marina would make fun of Lee and his crazy ideas.

Their Russian friends didn't visit them when they lived in New Orleans.

On Sept. 20th or 21st Ruth Paine helped them move to Ruth's house with her station wagon.

Lee took a bus to Mexico City, and visited both the Russian and Cuban Embassies. (His plan was to go to Cuba, and Marina could join him there later.) But the people at the embassies were too bureaucratic, so he came back. (took about a week)

Lee rented a room in Dallas, and looked for work.

One of Ruth Paine's neighbors worked at the School Book Depository, and got Lee a job there (Marina doesn't remember his name).