Notes of Dialogue: Assassination #5 July 28, 1971

  • Ted Kennedy framed at Chappaquiddick to prevent him from running against Nixon in 1972 presidential election. Ted Kennedy interview in Look magazine said his brothers killed and Chappaquiddick are why he won't run for President in 1972.
  • Nation magazine July 19, 1971 article by Fred Cooke "Assassination Investigations -- The Irregulars Take the Fields". He says the news media are trying to make it look like only kooks are investigating assassinations. He quotes Senator George Murphy and Dallas Chief of Police Jessie Curry as both not believing in the lone nut assassin story of JFK. Curry's book "The JFK Assassination File". Last week the SF Chronicle had an article smearing the researchers.
  • 12/1/70 NYT book review of Jim Garrison's book "Heritage of Stone".
  • "Computers and Automation" is a good technical magazine that also has articles on assassinations.

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