A Growing List of
Temple 'Hitmen'
San Francisco Chronicle - Nov. 30, 1978, p. 5

    The list of Peoples Temple "enforcers" considered potentially dangerous by San Francisco police has now reached 60, it was learned yesterday.
    None has turned up so far on the incomplete lists of the known dead among the 912 who died in Jonestown after Jim Jones ordered his followers to commit mass suicide.
    Police fear that some survivors from Jones' force of security guards may attempt to return to the United States to carry out the cult leader's orders to seek out his enemies and kill them.
    Among those being sought is Jim McElvane, described by ex-members of Peoples Temple as the organization's chief of security.
    McElvane, who had been based in San Francisco, was seen at Temehri International Airport, watching the late Congressman Leo J. Ryan and those who accompanied him to Georgetown pass through customs and immigration after their plane landed in Guyana.
    He was later seen in Jonestown.
    Police have been informed that McElvane flew from San Francisco to Georgetown a couple of days before the congressman arrived on his fact-finding mission.
    Police were also told that survivors of the shootings at Port Kaituma airstrip, where Ryan and four others were killed, identified Stanley Gieg as the driver of a tractor that brought seven men — including at least three gunmen — into the vicinity of Ryan's plane.
    The names of seven others with Gieg at the time had previously been reported: Tom Kice, Bob Kice and Joe Wilson, identified as firing weapons in the attack, and Eddie Crenshaw, Ronnie James, Ron Talley and Albert Touchette, seen riding on the trailer behind the tractor Gieg was driving.
    It was not known how many — if any — of the 60 are currently at large in Guyana or in the hands of Guyana authorities.