Greek Film Censorship
San Francisco Chronicle - Aug. 12, 1969, pg. 40

    All movies shown at film festivals in Greece now must be compatible with the religious beliefs and traditions of the Greek people, as well as with "public order and national security."
    A decree issued by the army-backed Government this weekend ruled that the approval of a censorship board was required to show any Greek or foreign film at a festival abroad.
    An international film festival is held each September at Salonika in northern Greece.
    This tightening of controls coincided with the banning of the publication of an interview with the Progressive party leader, Spyros Markezinis. The interview was to have been printed by a pro-government Athens daily paper.
    His interview was said to have been critical of the Government's performance and to have offered an opening for politicians to insure a smooth transition and avert a civil war. The regime's leaders have pledged to restore parliamentary democracy.
    Markezinis refused to release the text of his interview.

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