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Fluoride is an industrial toxic waste byproduct of major industries, especially fertilizer manufacturing plants. The damage fluoride does to teeth and gums is wellknown, but many people don't realize it also destroys the entire skeletal structure, including cartilage and ligaments. This is one reason hip fractures, knee replacement, and brittle bones are epidemic in the United States. Most other countries do not bathe, cook, and drink with this industrial waste.

Fluoride does not prevent cavites in teeth, and is especially harmful to children in their formative years.

In 2011 all seven board members of the Santa Clara Valley Water District (in California) voted unanimously to begin fluoridating the water supply, which is scheduled to begin in December 2016. The seven members of the Water Board were:

Donald Gage, District 1

 Joe Judge, District 2

 Richard Santos, District 3

Linda LeZotte, District 4


Patrick Kwok, District 5

Tony Estremera, District 6

Brian Schmidt, District 7





On June 9, 2015 the board members voted unanimously to build the facilities to add fluoride to the water supply. The current board members are: Linda LeZotte, Gary Kremen, Richard Santos, Tony Estremera, Barbara Keegan, John L. Varela and Nai Hsueh.

Please help stop this criminal activity by attending the public board meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Their website is

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