Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-Up?

part I

by Mae Brussell

(from The Realist, July 1973)

I. Knowledge Omitted from the Campus

II. The Cover-Up
    A. Concealing the motives
    B. Witnesses not called
        1. Martha Mitchell

        2. Louis Tackwood
        3. Tom Charles Huston
        4. William Sullivan

III. Martial Law Without the Riots
    A. Institutions to dismantle
    B. The enemy list
    C. The warfare state
    D. Political prisoners of America


    July 21, 1973 -- Paul Krassner and I decided to publish Conspiracy Newsletter a year ago.
    The arrests at the Watergate Hotel, and the magnitude of the events taking place, occupied my year.
    Nine years research into past government conspiracies and previous election manipulations was the background for the newsletter.
    The Watergate witnesses, and evidence about the illegal entry into the Democratic National Headquarters, was a continuation of earlier investigative work.
    One year later, with almost 700 subject files assembled on the Watergate espionage operation, Conspiracy Newsletter is finally getting started.
    For those who subscribed a year ago and waited, thank you.
    Many people asked me why, after many years of research, my first published, article was in The Realist?
    The answer is simple.
    I respect Paul Krassner. For ten years, I have subscribed to The Realist.
    Only the alternative press has been faithful to the freedoms we deserve.
    At a time when Deep Throat is making $50-million, indicating a desire and taste of free adults to choose their own entertainment, the Supreme Court permits others to dictate what we shall see or read.
    Nixon's Supreme Court is a worse danger to our liberties than sexual pleasures.
    Freedom of the press, freedom to live and to love is what the struggle is all about. There are hundreds of conspiracies taking place. They are all ordered from the White House.
    Political assassinations, the killing of Presidential candidates, is for the purpose of denying our maximum freedoms.

I. Knowledge Omitted from the Campus
    The arrests at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. took most Americans by surprise. We had been educated with a continuous series of denials that conspiracies at the White House level could exist.
    The news media, a major source of information, treat high level conspiracies with platitudes, indifference, and unimaginative cover stories to conceal facts. Propaganda is an important weapon of the fascist state. TV and the media are filled with
clandestine agents, some posing as liberal writers, whose purpose is to break the credibility of researchers or discredit evidence that would confirm conspiracies.(1)
    Colleges and academic institutions have no courses on agent provocateurs or how to recognize espionage operations.(2) When the accurate history of the 1960's and 70's is written about violence in the U.S., facts will reveal that government provocateurs created most of the violence. A series of our own Reichstag fires was the justification later for a domestic intelligence unit to deny our liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.(3)
    There is no information available on ways to protect society from sabotage. The Watergate Affair exposes how investigators and the Dept. of Justice work with their espionage agents inacts which amount to treason.(4) Top lawyers of the nation, instead of obeying the law, worked in collusion with corporate interests for purposes of power and profits.(5) G. Gordon Liddy, counsel for the White House and CREEP, helped create the famous April 7, 1972 law which concealed donations and illegal corporate financing.
    History classes devote little time to the evils of fascism. They never teach specific methods which bring the condition into existence. Classrooms in the U.S. never discuss the edicts of repression in Greece caused by the military junta in 1967. A coup d'etat, planned and financed in the U.S., would be informative to study as a protection against identical possibilities in this country.
    What is avoided is a clear understanding of clandestine and covert acts and how they are carried out.(6) The electoral process and our civil liberties have been sabotaged. White House documents exist to prove this fact.(7)
    The various techniques utilized to gain control of the population or to arrange conspiracies are being illustrated in the Watergate exposures. There will be pressure to halt the televised hearings or to detract from their significance because this is the first time we have been given even a peek at spies and the methods used to protect their operations. They are not difficult to follow. Once the agents and their procedures are identified and described, there may be a better chance to end the
continuous and systematic infiltration taking place.
    Clandestine assignments are composed of a combination of acts whose main ingredients are secrecy and lies. Secrecy is necessary because most of the assignments and methods are illegal. The operations, when discovered, are covered by lies.(8)
    The patterns of illegal, criminal spy operations, with certain agents reappearing in many of the same assignments, become more complicated every day, all CIA operations:
    1. 1954 assassination of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, Guatamala. E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis involved in this murder, identical to Kennedy assassination in 1963. After the President was killed, an "extreme leftist," "lone assassin" was murdered .
    2. Richard Nixon, 4th Crisis, Latin American tour, cold war propaganda. Votes were lagging for Eisenhower and Dick. The CIA arranged this tour, now easily staged for "hard on Communists" line. Nixon briefed by CIA; told by Allen Dulles of intelligence estimates of anti-American demonstration. Col. Vernon Walters, CIA, Nixon's interpreter. Gen. Robert Cushman, CIA, gave rundowns of reactions to riots. E. Howard Hunt in Latin America, attached to CIA station, 1956-60. His cover was advisor to Defense Dept. in Latin America.
    3. U-2 night over USSR, to sabotage summit conference for cold war. Allen Dulles, working with James McCord, who found and identified the Soviet intelligence agent questioned by the airmen. Lee Harvey Oswald, Navy Intelligence, trained in radar at Atsugi Air Base where U-2's monitored. Oswald watching for possible vapor trails over USSR. E. Howard Hunt was engaged during the '50s in the U-2 spy plane project. He arranged the takeoff and landing flights for CIA aircraft.
    4. Bay of Pigs. Richard Nixon in charge of that operation, wanted nothing wrong. Bob Cushman and Howard Hunt had private phones into the White House. When Hunt needed his contacts, Nixon and Cushman had been supplanted by Kennedy in the White House. Bernard Barker, Frank Sturgis, Martinez, Gonzales and the entire Watergate cast of Miami Cubans working during Bay of Pigs and in Watergate operation. In My Six Crisis Nixon took credit for the covert training of Cuban exiles by the CIA.
    5. 1963 assassination of President Kennedy. Jose Romero, soldier of fortune, approached by hired assassination team from the U.S. which planned to kill Kennedy during his 1961 visit to France. Romero definitely remembers Frank Sturgis as one of the representatives from the U.S. James McCord, according to Louis Tackwood, was in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot, and flown afterwards to the Carribean. The National Archives have FBI reports indicating Frank Sturgis a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie. Sturgis had a Miami arsenal of weapons, and original plans were to kill JFK in Miami in 1963.
    6. Plans to assassinate the President of Panama in 1971. Hunt and Liddy, working in White House, used Operation Intercept as their cover. The President of Panama was not "cooperating" in control of narcotics, and one of their jobs was to kill him.
    7. ITT, CIA, Chile, and Watergate. William Broe, CIA, offered ITT to help "create economic chaos in Chile." Broe, as CIA agent, combed their files to determine if CIA was involved in Watergate. This cleaning out is identical to L. Patrick Gray looking for evidence in the FBI reports. Hunt and Liddy, while in the White House, worked for the CIA and ITT at the same time, helping out with Dita Beard's kidnapping and hospitalization in Denver.
    8. Ellsberg, Dr. Fielding robbery. Hunt, Liddy, members of the Cuban committee working for the CIA. Gen. Robert Cushman supplied the cameras, film developing, disguises, safe houses.
    None of these people, including the President, believe they are breaking any laws. Certain members of the Defense Intelligence Agency, CIA, Division V of the FBI, Secret Service, armed forces and National Security Council have been warfare killers and war criminals for a long time. They are now conducting para-military warfare inside the U.S.

Opening Statement by Senator Sam J, Ervin Jr. Before the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities -- May 17, 1973, the first day of the hearings

    What they were seeking to steal was not the jewels, money or other property of American citizens, but something much more valuable, their most precious heritage, the right to vote in a free election.
    The Select Committee must probe into assertions that the very system itself has been subverted and its foundations shaken.
    If the allegations that have been made in the wake of the Watergate Affair are substantiated, there has been a very serious subversion of the integrity of the electoral process, and the committee will be obliged to consider the manner in which such a subversion affects the continued existence of this nation as a representative democracy, and how, if we are to survive, such subversions may be prevented in the future.
    Following the Watergate break-in, there has been a massive attempt to cover up all the improper activities.
    Evidence that has surfaced has cast a black cloud of distrust over our entire society. Our citizens do not know whom to believe, and many of them have concluded that all the processes of government have become so compromised that honest government has been rendered impossible.
    The health, if not the survival of our social structure and of our form of government requires the most candid and public investigation of all the evidence and of all the accusations that have been leveled at any persuns, at whatever level, who were engaged in the 1972 campaigns.
    My colleagues on the Committee and I are determined to uncover all the relevant facts surrounding these matters, and to spare no one, whatever his station in life may be, in our efforts to accomplish this goal.
    The American people are looking to this committee for enlightenment and guidance regarding the details of the allegations regarding the subversion of our electoral and political process.
    The purpose of this committee is to provide full and open public testimony in order that the nation can proceed toward the healing of wounds that now afflict the body politic.
    The nation and history itself are watching us.
    We cannot fail our mission.


    Murders, conspiracies, entrapment, assaults, false imprisonments are part of warfare. Unsuspecting citizens are taken by surprise because they did not realize that white America was the enemy. Blacks, Indians and Chicanos have known for a long time the open warfare against their existence. Watergate is an education into a civil war which is not likely to go away without a struggle. Expect a counter-attack by the White House and even the armed forces if necessary.
    A web of conspiracies has been strangling this nation. The names, departments and chains of command are being identified.
    Political conspiracies are divided into three sections. There are those who carry out the assignment, others who cover it up, and the collusion of the courts that protect both the conspirators and those who come later and cover up the crimes.
    The Watergate Affair, being a government top-level conspiracy, falls into that category.
    The Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities is part of the cover-up.
    Their structure and methods are reminiscent of the fictitious Warren Report their colleagues put together for us ten years ago.
    Are these errors caused by ignorance or stupidity or complicity? The question was asked to Haldeman if any of the demonstrators were known to be paid for by McGovern or Wallace or other opponents. The question that wasn't asked was how much Republican money paid provocateurs to defecate or urinate on the streets in Miami. There is evidence existing that they were in fact hired including a female FBI agent that was swimming nude at the convention.
    Are the errors only one more con game upon citizens deserving better than what they are getting from the witnesses?
    Spiro Agnew praised the Watergate hearings. He said they are "evidence that our society is more open than ever." Instead of secret hearings, they are open and allow us to watch the cover-up. If they were doing their job with an understanding of the magnitude of espionage, Agnew would be investigated at the same time because he is part of the problem: the selection of our candidates being forced upon us via created violence and murders.
    The election sabotage that took place, and the desperation to win the 1972 elections, had as much to do with Agnew supporters as Nixon associates.
    James Earl Ray, alleged assassin of Martin Luther King, said "King had to be killed in an election year." It was Agnew who gained from this conspiracy. He had close ties with the FBI, was prompted into an anti-black law and order position for election purposes.
    Greek military money, expressly for Agnew, running into millions, secretly stashed away, determines our foreign policy in the Middle East. Oil profits and military interests have pushed Agnew into the Vice-Presidency.
    The Constitution made no provisions for election robberies or clandestine agents as candidates. President Nixon, intelligence agencies and the armed forces were denying our Constitutional rights, then expect an orderly Constitutional succession of
    This situation is the first of its kind in the U.S. and should be tested by popular election. Senator Muskie or Kennedy would defeat Agnew tomorrow, indicating he does not represent the majority in this democracy.
    The election was a fraud, and Agnew supporters and finances were directly involved in the Watergate Affair through Mullen Associates and specific White House aides.
    There are many methods of conducting a lengthy, voluminously and costly investigation without ever serving truth or justice. While giving the appearance of attempting to solve Phase I of the Watergate Affair, there is a basic dishonesty exhibited in the unskilled procedures.
    No wonder American citizens are as confused about the
White House espionage squad as they were a year ago. The Senate Select Committee, by making many errors, increases the problem of solving sabotage and conspiracy. Some of these include:
    1. Wrong witnesses called. Last July, 1972, it was obvious that Al Wong, the Secret Service man who hired James McCord, should be a major witness. When it was disclosed by Alexander Butterfield that the White House was bugged, Al Wong appeared to be holding the tapes. Wong and McCord were close associates.
    Other men were at the Watergate, and fled to Miami. They were never arrested or called as witnesses.
    Donald Segretti was "one of fifty agents." Where are the other forty-nine?
    Who controls the Washington prison that sent men in to beat up Liddy and Hunt the night before they testified before the Grand Jury?
    There were two guards on duty at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972. One "went home early." Who arranged that?
    The Watergate Hotel manager knew the espionage team. He was told to "shut up" and never interviewed.
    2. Wrong questions are asked. When the correct witness is on the stand, the wrong questions are asked. It is impossible to shed lighten a problem made more difficult by the roundabout methods of covering up.
    3. Change of subject. When the right witness is on the stand, and the correct question is asked, there is a quick change of subject to obstruct information that might flow. After a Senate vote, many good questions are dropped. The Warren Commission went "off the record." The voting pattern serves to break up the testimony and evidence.
    4. Questions are made out in advance. There is a narrow inquiry into Phase I, the Watergate, which can't be limited, the hotel entry is part of the entire "plumbers operation." They can't be separated. Their plans for violence and provocateurs has to do with the Democratic offices entry.
    The John Kennedy assassination, and Jack Ruby's killing Oswald, were one espionage plan. The Warren Commission, and Ruby's trial, attempted to have the public believe these were separate, isolated events. In the same manner, the Senate Committee and witnesses involved want to separate the "caper" from the "horror story." Both involved identical plans, funds and a team that worked together for many years doing the same kinds of sabotage.
    5. Time limits imposed. The restoration of confidence in government will come about by delving into all leads, not being limited by a clock or calendar. The testimony of Tony Ulasewicz's other assignments was cut off` for "lack of time." Hours spent on repetitious questions. Important matters are limited in subject matter by a 10-minute agreement.
    6. Not equipped to recognize or question espionage agents. The Senate Committee asks serious questions without clarifying the lies, perjuries, denials as being part of the operation.
    There are other ways of locating evidence of sabotage.
    Witnesses are allowed face-saving devices without being exposed as employed in intelligence work. If Ulasewicz had been allowed to describe his "thirty-five assignments for the White House," a conclusion, not so humorous, would be drawn. The most serious witness became the comedian.
    7. No cross-examination. Mild discrepancies, important, are ignored. James McCord said he had "nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination," which may be a fact regarding not shooting the weapon. His presence in Dallas on that day, or identification of the plane that took him to the Caribbean would be helpful in describing some of McCord's duties for the CIA.
    8. Documentary evidence exits to illustrate charges of treason and conspiracy. Arthur Bremer's second gun, found in his car, and bullets taken from the Wallace shooting, could be compared.
    The White House inter-agency espionage operational plans could be shared with the public to understand the minds in the Oval Office.
    Louis Tackwood's tapes of the planned San Diego martial law for 1972 could be played and exposed.
    In spite of the White House logs being denied for examination, and massive evidence destroyed, there is enough evidence available to purge an administration that remains in power.
    9. Deaths, threats of death, assaults. The Senate Committee is not interested in the jail problems, local police and CIA working together. G. Gordon Liddy was hurt in a prison fight the night before his appearance at the Grand Jury.
    E. Howard Hunt was beat up the night before his Grand Jury testimony in May, 1973.
    Evidence of sabotaging Mrs. Dorothy's Hunt's plane is silenced.
    Questions are not asked Tony Ulasewicz regarding the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. What hour did he arrive on the island? Was he there before she was killed? One security guard saw Mary Jo asleep in back of the car at 11 p.m. Who was that? The guard was giving press interviews to Time, Colson's outlet for smear.
    James McCord stated he had "worked for the CIA long enough" to know he could be killed once he was sent to prison. The phone call McCord received from Tony Ulasewicz, attempting to force a "guilty plea" like the others, was interpreted as a threat to his family and himself.
    The only member of the Senate Committee who shows the appropriate disgust and anger is Senator Weicker. He seems to understand clandestine operations and the slimey arrogance of super-patriots who disgrace our nation.
    Members of the Black Caucus once asked then-Attorney General John Mitchell about future programs. He answered, "Don't listen to what I say, watch what I do." This same advice would serve investigators solving conspiracy operations. Concealing and covering by lies and perjury will never expose the crimes committed by this team.
    Going back to the John Kennedy assassination, to Robert Kennedy's murder and the other tragedies they arranged, the bullets, autopsies, medical reports all exist to prove conspiracies. It is time to examine evidence and not ask the masters of subversion for answers to stupid questions. Watergate has logs, evidence, arrangements for Miami, tapes of treason. Get them out in the open, and we shall be the judge.
    Senator Ervin said the "government was subverted," "citizens do not know whom to believe," "the processes of government were compromised."
    Don't depend on liars or Senate Committees who are guilty of covering the Nixon Administration they are criticizing. Just produce the documents and homicide records. We can figure out what is happening for ourselves and save time and money wasted in perpetuating a dying system of government. There is no place for the CIA, DIA, intelligence operations or their continuous infiltrations.
    The Senate Committee is arranging the witnesses and questions in such a way that little can be accomplished to prevent the continuation of the existing military junta.

II. The Cover-Up
    A. Concealing the motives
    The twenty-million-dollar question: More than a year has passed since the illegal entry into the Democratic National Headquarters in Washingtom D.C. The motive for this assignment, planned almost six months in advance, remains the carefully guarded secret. There is reason for this silence, and it is not the lack of evidence. The men who planned the operation, as well as those who covered it up, and the courts investigating, wish to keep this important information secret. Why?
    Racism, prejudices and fears of changing the status quo are so deeply embedded into our ruling class that there is a silent and tacit agreement to protect each other. "National security" may be used to soften the inquiry, as it was used to lock up the evidence on the John Kennedy assassination.
    It is impossible, the way the courts are constructed, to force any revelations that would damage the existing power structure. If Richard Nixon moves out of office, Spiro Agnew moves in and Ronald Reagan will follow him. The depth of corruption and links to the sabotage will not be touched. A power base of manipulations and political dishonesty, which funds all these men, remains.
    My Lai, Kent State, Attica, riots at Isla Vista, the San Quentin shootout. political assassinations, illegal bombings, Jackson State and a hundred other conspiracies are covered up.
    Exposing white America, the so-called law and order people, as being burglars, wiretappers. forgers, extortionists and thieves can only go so far. They can obstruct justice, get refunds on illegal donations, commit perjury and violate election laws. To prosecute them as murderers, criminals or conspirators never happens. Treason is not even whispered when that is exactly what is taking place.
    Last year was the most important election in U.S. history. Corporations and conglomerates were meeting a crisis. Special interests such as ITT, Howard Hughes, oil companies, warfare contractors and aerospace industries always selected the President and Vice-President, but this victory was vital in 1972.
    Certain countries were getting more active against conglomerates. Kidnappings and confiscations could escalate. The ITT, inside the USA, was almost divested of interests this Administration saved for them.
    Chile's President Salvadore Allende spelled matters out in the UN. He charged the "ITT, CIA and armed forces with creating economic chaos, altering free elections, instigating civil war and wanting to create a military dictatorship." This pattern of cold war manipulation that we enforced in over 90 countries could be halted with a new administration.(9)
    Warfare industries were in trouble without a Nixon-Agnew victory. The war in Asia could escalate after elections. The Middle East is waiting for their U.S.-fomented war next. A Democratic president might change the course of U.S. economic dependence on warfare hardware into domestic needs. There is less profit in building the U.S. than in bombing Cambodia or importing and distributing narcotics with CIA transportation. The drug traffic from Asia involves more billions than military profits.
    Anti-war protestors, partlcularly Vietnam Veterans, were an embarrassment.
    Domestic programs were to be solved with Caspar "the Ax" or Malek "the Hatchet" once the 'mandate' was declared.(10)
    The election victory of Nixon-Agnew was ordered. Maurice Stans went around telling the corporations exactly what percentage to put into the till. The foot soldiers then put the money to work.
    Over $60,000,000 went into Republican funds to re-elect the incumbent and popular President.
    Another $20,000,000 secret cash -- much in consecutive $100 bills -- was set aside to be sure they won the elections by any means necessary. That is where the motives for the Watergate Hotel entry start to become important. The conservative Republican, the old guard traditional politician who can win or lose elections fairly, becomes separated from the espionage operation. Some money goes into legal spending such as TV time, office expenses, etc. And some money goes into the illegal guarantee of success when the polls close.
    There are a lot of reasons for keeping political donations to the President and Vice-President secret.(11) None of them except the obvious illegal discretions require such complicated secrecy. If more than favors are expected, and serious crimes will be committed to select candidates through violence, all techniques of secret funding are employed.
    The $5300 in consecutive $100 bills found on the Watergate espionage squad were part of the complicated funding.
    Potential candidates for the 1968 and 1972 elections were eliminated by murder, a created scandal involving a murder, attempted murder, forgery and harassments. These favors require a lot of money that will never be accounted for. They might be the missing millions.
    Twenty million dollars was delivered in cash, some of it deliberately burned to conceal consecutive numbers. Donations were hidden in 45-90 dummy fronts that never existed. Money was pulled from "1968" accounts in Mexico, the Middle East, Switzerland, Los Angeles, New York, Houston and other cities.
    Complicated money washings went through 5 or 6 operations, travelled from Texas, to Mexico, Houston, Washington, Florida, and back to Washington. Safes with cash were inside the White House, Maurice Stans' offices and elsewhere. Consecutive $100 bills were passed in suitcases, unmarked envelopes, put in desk drawers while the recipient left the room.
    Money was given to unknown persons, for unknown reasons, from unknown sources, left in telephone booths, passed inside taxicabs, near airports, handed on park benches, in hotel lobbies, on golf courses, and donated from some kind friends from the Philippines.
    A super secret account was located in Bethesda, Maryland under the name of Henry Buchanan, brother of White House aide Patrick Buchanan.(12)
    Donald Nixon made two secret trips to Greece for a $10-million Loan from Marriott Corporation during the time Republicans were seeking money to silence the Watergate defendants.(13) Martha Mitchell was delivered to the Marriott New York apartment, a la Dita Beard, after her abduction from California and her famous call to Helen Thomas of UPI.(14)
    Martha said she would be getting $2,000,000 for a book -- a silence bribe. Marina Oswald was offered $125,000 to write a book; it was never published. Howard Hunt sent a message to the White House, saying he was writing a book. This is a typical clandestine message in seeking a bribe.
    Edward Nixon, the President's other brother, flew a helicopter from New York to New Jersey to discuss the famous $200,000 that was delivered at the airport, donated from Robert Vesco. Nixon made the decision of whether it would be check or cash.(15)
    The Federal Reserve System distributes money to commercial banks, but were unable to trace $10,000 found in consecutive $100 bills marked with the serial "B." The money, found in Mrs. Dorothy Hunt's purse after her fatal airplane crash, was not recorded in New York. "Unlike other areas, this bank does not keep track of the serial numbers."(16)
    At least eight persons connected with the mysterious funding alone have been killed since last year.(l7) Provocateurs had been paid those CIA consecutive $100 bills in Miami, and reservations were made for demonstrations to take place.
    Where was all this secret money going?
    There is a way to find out.
    Tony Ulasewicz, money bagman for Herbert Kalmbach (who wears gloves when he handles the cash), was paid $100,000 in 1969 by the President's attorney. Other years he earned $22,000 plus "expenses."
    Ulasewicz has a New York accent.
    Arthur Bremer, arrested for the Wallace shooting and recently denied a re-trial, was seen in Michigan, talking politics with a man 6'2", weighing 220 lbs., "with a New York accent."
    Maryland police stopped a suspect after the George Wallace shooting, described as 6'2", weighing 220 lbs., in a light blue Cadillac.
    Arthur Bremer was spending a lot of money for airplane tickets, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, nights at the ITT Sheraton Plaza in Maryland, and with a CIA agent in Toronto at the Lord Elgin.
    There was money spent in the Wallace shooting.
    A New York accent, to be identified, should have been interviewed. Did any of the secret $20,000,000 go into the Wallace shooting?
    Was Ulasewicz with Arthur Bremer?
    Did any of the Kalmbach $400,000 from New York to defeat Wallace get to Maryland police, agents; were these funds involved in the Wallace shooting? Complicated money transactions were taking place, secure and secret; 1972 was almost secure for an election victory.
    J. Edgar Hoover, who strenuously objected to the illegal sabotage, was dead.
    The Domestic Intelligence Agency intended to have the Director of the FBI as their head. Hoover objected to every section of it, so it was unlikely they could proceed if he were alive.
    L. Patrick Gray, on the other hand, was a master of stopping all investigations into Justice Dept. conspiracies. He quelched the Watergate Affair by burning documents, closed the ITT case, halted the Reuban Salazar and Jerie Lee Amie murder investigations in Los Angeles, stopped the Isla Vista riot investigation, halted the Teamsters-Mafia wiretapping regarding health plans in California. Gray fired U.S. Attorney Robert Meyer for refusing to prosecute the Ellsberg case. A few months later, after being afraid to oppose this administration as the "kiss of death," Robert Meyer was dead.
     J. Edgar Hoover did not have an autopsy. His body was not removed in a hearse. There was no indication of poor health. There is reason to exhume his remains; the possibility of poison in the apple pie might be discovered as his last American supper.
    Mary Jo Kopechne, former secretary of Senator Smathers of Florida, was dead, eliminating Senator Ted Kennedy as a candidate.
    George Wallace's 20-26,000,000 votes were back in Republican ballot boxes.
    Senator Muskie was sufficiently smeared to lose the New Hampshire primaries.
    Senator Humphrey, followed by Sedan Chair 2 and Sedan Chair 88, was well under control, with a few smear letters thrown in for bad luck.
    Senator Eagleton's hospital records were with John Ehrlichman, probably in the same drawer as the illegal bugging tapes ordered by Henry Kissinger and General Haig.
    Things were looking pretty good for the GOP -- but.
    What would happen if the Democrats came up with a combination of candidates who could still win the election in 1972? John Mitchell testified that "in June 1972 the Repllblicans were not sure of an election victory." And Ehrlichman testified that the surveillance changed from Muskie to McGovern and Ted Kennedy.
    The only alternative remaining, to be sure of winning, would be the anticipated alternate solution which had been planned since the fall of 1971.
    The CIA, Litton Industries and U.S.-aid tested a coup d'etat in Greece that is still going strong. The CIA, FBI and the armed forces practiced in the Philippines dictatorship only months before our election.
    The CIA, DIA, FBI, armed forces, Internal Security, Secret Service and Justice Dept. would be called to help create martial law.
    All the nation's top law enforcement agencies and top agents were cooperating in the Watergate operation. They aided in the cover-up, and they influence investigations now.
    No matter what is claimed to the contrary, there is no way such an extravaganza of characters could be assembled for a "stupid" and "uninformative" adventure.
    The highly trained team of Hunt, Liddy and McCord were arrested.
    The nation came to a standstill and created an economic crisis abroad.
    All investigative and government agencies were tainted and involved in the scandals of committing crimes or covering up.
    The entry into the Democratic Headquarters was almost the culmination of two years preparations for assuring the 1972 election mandate.
    The White House "plumbers" worked closely, in every CIA operation, with the armed forces and investigative agencies.
    James McCord finally feared a CIA takeover identical to Nazi Germany intelligence operations.
    J. Edgar Hoover feared the CIA takeover and destruction of all civil liberties. Hoover didn't mind helping a couple of Kennedys get killed, or the systematic slaughter of 28 Black Panthers, with more in prison today. He drew the line at martial law. He would not have allowed George Wallace to be assassinated.

The Plumbers Connection

    David Young was working under Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council. He was transferred to head the White House "plumbers" unit under John Ehrlichman.
    Young went to then-Director of the CIA Richard Helms to get a psychiatric profile of Daniel Ellsberg. Helms admitted that although the original 1947 charter of the CIA forbade them to engage in domestic intelligence, Young insisted that it was very important to the White House, that the assignment came from Ehrlichman's highest authority, and so the request was granted.
    Helms testified that he put Young in touch with Howard Osborn to prepare the profile. FBI documents, included in the Warren Commission Hearings on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Vol. XXV, pp. 1-60), show that Albert Osborn, also known as John Howard Bowen, sat on the bus with Lee Harvey Oswald going to Mexico on September 26, 1963.
    Osborn ran a missionary school in Mexico which was a front for political assassins sent all over the world. A Mr. Osborn purchased 1,000 "Hands Off Cuba" leaflets which Oswald distributed in New Orleans with Carlos Brienguier.
    During the 1972 election campaign, Spiro Agnew is alleged to have taken several trips to New Orleans to meet with this same Carlos Brienguier who had provided Lee Harvey Oswald's "Communist" cover story by distributing leaflets paid for by Osborn.
    Howard/Osborn is a name used in a previous assassination and reappears now as the contact man between the CIA and the White House, working with William Sullivan of Division V of the FBI in the "plumbers" -- the interagency spy group that even the late J. Edgar Hoover felt was a threat to the nation's civil liberties. Hoover had objected to the CIA using the FBI as a front for domestic intelligence.


    Richard Nixon was in trouble, according to Andrew Tully, Hoover's friend. He became surrounded with the same CIA McCord and Hoover feared. "He needed me around to protect him from those people around him" -- stated by Hoover in January, 1972 -- may be the reason Hoover had to be killed. This would fit into the assassination plans for Nixon in the fall of 1972.
    The top intelligence and law enforcement agents involved in the Watergate and gestapo operations were:
    --Acting Director of the FBI, L. Patrick Gray
    --William Sullivan, Division V, FBI, Domestic Security
    --Assistant Attorney General Robert Mardian
    --Director of the CIA Richard Helms
    --Deputy Director of CIA, Lt. Gen Cushman
    --Deputy Director of CIA, Vernon Walters
    --Henry Kissinger, National Security Council
    --General Alexander Haig, National Security Council, now Chief of Staff, White House
    --Inspector General of CIA, William Broe
    --Assistant Attorney General Henry A. Peterson

    W. Clement Stone, who contributed nearly $7-million to Republicans since 1968, said, "I felt this provided the one chance in a lifetime to change the course of history for the better." The feeling of necessity and desperation he expressed -- translated
into "better" business, I suppose -- was identical to the Attorney General and others who knowingly broke many laws in order to preserve the Presidency for two special men.
    The illegal entry, for the second time, in the Democratic offices required nine men, a hotel room across the street, special "Gemstone" files, and a complicated system of passing the message to the Oval Office.
    When five men were arrested on June 17, 1972, the frantic telephone calls, denials and secret meetings took place. White House aides were burning documents and carting away file boxes, opening Hunt's desk and safe.
    The Gemstone papers had to be destroyed immediately.
    The conversations taken from Mr. Oliver's telephone, copies of the tapes, has to be destroyed.
    If conversations were "foolish and stupid, unfruitful," why not produce the tapes to show what an ill-advised adventure this was? That could have cleared the air.
    But what if provocateurs had entered the Democratic offices -- Republican spies registered as Democrats such as Donald Segretti? Republicans had sent friends into the office before to secure room plans for the Miami conventions.
    What if the telephones were used to discuss radicals, planned violence in Miami, or the intention to kill President Nixon?
    James McCord testified that they were there "to look for information if President Nixon were secure in Miami." In clandestine operations, when you "look" you plant evidence.(18)
    G. Gordon Liddy received campaign funds to determine what to do if the crazies made an attack on the President.
    Louis Tackwood, agent provocateur 9 years with the Los Angeles Police, was hired to join this White House espionage squad for planned violence in San Diego. Those plans included "getting Nixon" after martial law was declared.(19)
    Miami and San Diego police never worked security problems with Hunt, Liddy or McCord.
    The Secret Service, FBI, armed forces could protect President Nixon without this secret espionage group. Andrew Topping, a wealthy New Yorker, had been making arrangements to murder Nixon between the nomination and the election.(20)
    The very secretive Al Wong of Secret Service (he hired James McCord) and Alexander Butterfield knew every room Richard Nixon entered via the bugging devices. McCord, Hunt and Liddy could receive messages from Wong. Dwight Chapin, Nixon's appointment secretary, has been silent about Topping. Nobody mentions his name.
    If conversations were produced after the planned events, martial law or Nixon's assassination, the anti-war protestors, radicals, McGovern supporters would be blamed.
    G. Gordon Liddy proposed illegal kidnappings of radicals until after the elections. This other method would be legal, ordered by the armed forces. All the voices against future wars or domestic repressions would be in prison.
    Internal Security provided the lists of desired political activists. They worked with James McCord every day in the spring before the Watergate arrests. The White House emergency service exists today. McCord's links have been silenced and ignored. In The Politics of Lying, David Wise describes McCord's important position with the military reserve unit, Special Analysis Division, with his preparation of a national watch-list.
    The martial law plan would secure the presidency for selected agents Nixon and Agnew, silence protestors, and clear the way for a list of domestic strangulations upon civil liberties.
    Many important witnesses who could shed light on the complicated motives for entry into the Democratic offices will never be called before the Senate Committee or by Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox unless we continue to expose their cover-up roles.
    Sherman Skolnick, independent investigator from Chicago, has kept alive the facts about possible sabotage of United Airlines flight 553 with Mrs. Hunt killed. Other information and witnesses will be forced into the open if enough people demand
the truths be told.

    B. Witnesses not called
    1. Martha Mitchell
    Who's afraid of Martha Mitchell?
    White House documents signed by President Nixon were referred to as exhibiting a "gestapo mentality" by Senator Ervin.
    Louis Tackwood said the Los Angeles Police Dept., connected to the White House special squad, wanted a "gestapo."
    Fascism isn't a piece of paper.
    The treatment of Martha Mitchell, up to the present time, exemplifies what dictatorship is about.
    The cover-up and refusal to insist on her telling the full story is identical to the gestapo kangaroo courts. The Senate Committee is protecting the guilty. In California, after the arrests, she might know who was involved in the cover-up. At least seven people directly involved in the Watergate entry, planned months earlier, were with the Mitchells in California.
    Kidnapping: Serious charges were made by Martha about being "kidnapped." When she called for help, the telephone was torn from the wall. All communications were removed. Only non-English-speaking persons entered her room. She was forcibly detained while her husband used their Washington D.C. apartment for clandestine meetings. Robert Mardian and Fred LaRue were meeting with Mitchell June 19, 1972 while Martha was forced to remain in California.
    Private Armies: The White House hired private thugs to take care of demonstrators. "Unsalaried" police travelled with Nixon, tore down signs in Illinois. Private cop Tony Ulasewicz worked on a salary of $22,000 for political espionage. What private police force, four men, were called to contain Martha? Steve King couldn't handle her alone. She said there were five men. Hotel staff said they couldn't be responsible. California police and the FBI didn't come in. Where do the private guards come from?
    Assault: Herbert Kalmbach, Nixon's attorney, took Mrs. Mitchell to the hospital. Strangers were occupying her room. Her body was very badly bruised in many places. Hospital records were not subpoenaed to see what care she required. Martha asked why the men who detained her were not arrested. They are not only not exposed, but promoted. Steve King, who did most of the damage, became Chief of Security for CREEP.
    Mental illness: To this day, Martha is made to seem drunk, stupid, deranged. A psychiatric profile from the CIA is spread around. Like Jim Garrison, Dita Beard or Marguerite Oswald, when certain persons know too much about government conspiracies, they have to be discredited.
    Bribery, blackmail: When Howard Hunt wanted money for silence, he said he was "going to write a book." Martha was offered $2,000,00a for a book. John Mitchell will never say anything to embarrass President Nixon. The book money could help support them for a few years.
    Safe-Houses: Martha couldn't go back to her Washington apartment after the arrests. Moving her into the Marriott apartment in New York following the disclosures indicates the deep involvement of the high officials. That was no reason to dislodge a family, in an election year, when her husband would still be working with the President every day.
    Protection of the guilty: No testimony taken from Martha. She said she could "name names." The phony investigators want her far removed. She will spoil the illusion of inquisitiveness. The real facts remain hidden in spite of the good TV show.
    FBI are protected: Why were FBI men in her room? She didn't do anything wrong. Martha said her room in California was filled with the FBI. Did she mean John Mitchell, L. Patrick Gray, William Sullivan, or other members of the team?
    Promotions: The guilty get promotions for their cooperation. Steve King, former employee of Senator Gurney of the Senate Committee, earned $18,000 a year working for him. He had a security clearance working in the Justice Department. Mitchell "loved King like a son." Steve King is now in the Dept. of Agriculture. Do they send out any of the thugs, who assaulted and injected Martha, to beat up United Farm Workers?
    Martha Mitchell and James McCord: McCord was in the Mitchell apartment at the Watergate Hotel January 6, 1972. CREEP paid $207 for "technical inspection." John Mitchell was Attorney General at this time, and could have used the FBI, not private funds or McCord. The fee was for "smoke detectors." When arrested, McCord had a case marked Smoke Detectors. John Mitchell said he "only saw McCord once." Martha would know if there were any listening devices in their apartment that would be picked up at the DNC offices in the same hotel, with windows facing over a court.   

2. Louis Tackwood
    Louis Tackwood should have been the first witness before the Senate Committee.
    In a press conference held on October 25, 1971, he asked Congress to investigate a secret espionage squad inside the White House.(21)
    One year after the Watergate arrests, all of the Tackwood allegations are proven accurate. Listed below are his charges and a brief reference to massive evidence now available to support his warnings:
    1. An espionage squad was formed inside the White House, a secret operation.
    Judge Morell E. Sharp refused to work with the Domestic intelligence plan because it was "too secret." This was six months after it was allegedly "rescinded." No evidence exists to prove the necessity of the squad except for political sabotage. The Domestic Intelligence and Internal Security Group was the squad Tackwood referred to.
    2. This secret squad was formed in the fall of 1971.
    E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy moved into White House in the fall of 1971. Donald Segretti, other operatives all started hiring provocateurs in the fall of 1971.
    3. The group was connected to the FBI and other intelligence agencies.
    William Sullivan, Division V, FBI, left J. Edgar Hoover to work with this group. Logs were taken from the FBI. FBI agents involved with Division V in other election manipulations.
    4. Domestic White House police force connected to California, up and down the coast, working with Attorney General Evelle Younger.
    California is the center of major Justice Dept. conspiracy cases. Black Panthers, Chicanos, political prisoners are victims of the White House espionage working with Asst. Attorney General Robert Mardian. The Grand Jury is used to force litigations, conspiracy trials and imprisonment.
    5. Murders and violence were planned for the Republican National Convention in 1972.
    Arsenals of weapons were being purchased for Miami. Violent demonstrations were being planned. Liddy, Hunt, LaRue were armed, with weapons in White House desk, attache cases. William Lemmer, special forces, U.S. agent, told his girlfriend, "Don't come to Miami. Stay out, there will be fighting and shooting."(22)
    6. Provocateurs would be hired to cause violence.
    Hundreds of Republicans were being brought in for demonstrations. Segretti was meeting Hunt to hire provocateurs. White House private phone, billed to Kathleen Chenow in Virginia, was used by Hunt for calls to Bernard Barker in Miami. Miss Chenow was immediately spirited to a London "vacation" after the Watergate arrests. She was secretary to White House "plumbers" head David Young.
    7. Radicals were to be rounded up, Internal Security working to get them.
    James McCord was meeting daily with Internal Security. Watergate squad had access to lists which belonged to other areas if protection from violence was the motive, rather than arrests.
    8. Code names in white House to contact were "Martin" and "White."
    James McCord registered at the Washington police station as Edward Martin. E. Howard Hunt was known as "White."(23)
    9. Public Relations offices would cover the martial law and secret squad front.
    Mullen Associates -- Hunt kept a desk here at the same time he worked at the White House, going back and forth between the two. Mullen represented the business interests of ITT and Howard Hughes. Hunt and Liddy were doing errands for ITT, kidnapping Dita Beard and interviewing her in Denver. Liddy was using Hughes airplane to capture valuable information -- allegedly Howard Hughes' game plans for elections -- in Las Vegas publisher Hank Greenspun's safe.
    "Public Relations" -- the office name for CCS, the Los Angeles section of the Police Dept. that creates criminal conspiracies for White House purposes. FBI Public Relations -- L. Patrick Gray, who was part of the Justice Department's squad to put the lid on conspiracies, worked in the PR office awaiting confirmation as head of the FBI.
    10. Ten million dollars was set aside for the secret martial law plans.
    A secret $10 - or - $20 - million will never be accounted for. G. Gordon Liddy burned consecutive $100 bills that could be traced to the CIA for funding sabotage. Ten million was passed to provocateurs and others before March, 1972, in anticipation of the April 7th deadline when donors would be identified.
    But the convention was moved in mid-March, because of the ITT scandal, from San Diego to Miami. That required approximately another $10-million for hired soldiers, provocateurs and imported violence to round up the radicals. This would explain the frantic effort to accumulate $10-million in only three weeks. April 5 - 6, Sloan testified $5 - 6 - million arrived in cash to the CREEP offices.
    If the names did not have to be revealed before April 7, 1972, why did the money have to be delivered in cash?
    How could so much of it be consecutively numbered bills?
    12. After martial law was declared, the plans included getting Nixon.
    The assassination plan of Andrew Topping confirms this. Testimony of Harold W. Eldridge could confirm this.(24) Investigation of the death of Secret Service agent J. Clifford Dietrich might confirm this.
    Secret Service agent Robert H. Taylor was transferred. He had a rift with H.R. Haldemen, who tried to change security arrangements. Taylor threatened to arrest Haldeman for interfering with security when he wanted a "spontaneous demonstration" for the President in New Hampshire. A duplication of the Wallace shooting, already written in a book, could clear the way for Agnew.(25)
    13. The goal was a U.S. gestapo.
    Senator Ervin described the espionage squad inside the White House as a "gestapo mentality." J. Edgar Hoover refused any part of the gestapo, saying the secret Domestic Intelligence operations "denied our civil liberties." The Inter-Agency Group (IAG) on Domestic Intelligence and Internal Security includes members from the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, Counter-Intelligence agencies of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Police Departments.

Editor's note: As we go to press, Louis Tackwood has once again been picked up by Los Angeles police, beaten up, his arm broken in prison. It should be the duty of the Senate Committee and the special federal prosecutor to protect the life of this vital witness. He has documentation.and names linking the White House plumbers to California law enforcement agencies. He could also be a deciding factor in the San Quentin Six and other trials.

3. Tom Charles Huston
    The "Huston documents" are a cover. Tom Charles Huston did not write these. Who did? Huston is a cut-off man, the middle man, between the operators and the setting up of the operations; the delivery boy.
    There are instructions for President Nixon, supposedly Huston giving orders:
    "I am attaching my recommendations on the decision the President should make with regard to these operational restraints."
    "It might be helpful to add my specific recommendations and reasons in the event the President has some doubts on specific courses of action."
    "I recommend the President call in Mr. Hoover for stroking sessions. The President explains the decisions he made. He thanks Hoover for his candid advice and past cooperation. He indicates he is counting on Edgar's cooperation in implementing the report. He announces his decision. Follow this up with a meeting in the Oval Office. Thank members for their report. Announce his decisions. Indicate his desire for future activities. Present each member with an autographed copy of photo of first
meeting where OLLIE took place,"
    Huston, whoever he represents, had advice for the military and intelligence agencies pushing this domestic plan.
    "Having seen the President in action with Mr. Hoover, I am confident he can handle the situation in such a way that we can get what we want without putting Edgar's nose out of joint."
    "At the same time [that he is placating Hoover] we can capitalize on the good will the President has built up with the other principles and minimize the risk that they may feel they are being forced to take a back seat to Mr. Hoover."(26)
    Tom Charles Huston came to the White House from Young Americans for Freedom.
    Douglas Caddy, attorney called to the Washington jail the night five men were arrested at the Watergate, was founder of Young Americans for Freedom.
    Military intelligence agents arrived from Munich, Germany to Dallas, Texas to infilter and take over Young Americans for Freedom.
    Those agents were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.
    Their goal was to take over the White House by 1970.(27)
    Herbert Kalmbach, attorney for President Nixon, had meetings with Douglass Caddy, as did many others from the White House espionage teams.
    Through the cooperation of the Justice Dept., intelligence agencies and the armed forces, it appears that Tom Charles Huston was performing his duties, as assigned, to order Richard Nixon, taking his orders from the military and intelligence agencies. Although he is described as a "White House aide," Huston was mentioned in testimony by Richard Kleindienst as general counsel to the CIA.

4. William Sullivan, Division V, FBI
    William Sullivan worked closely with Robert Mardian, Internal Security, and the White House espionage squad.
    When Sullivan left the FBI, he removed tapes kept with J. Edgar Hoover that could cause political damage to Nixon-Agnew.
    Senator Weicker at least asked John Dean if he knew William Sullivan.
    The killing of President Kennedy was planned by Division V of the FBI under the cloak of the Defense Intelligence Security Command.
    Headquarters were in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, home of NASA.
    Five fronts were utilized.
    The same fronts employed for the complicated set of murders in Dallas -- of President Kennedy, Officer J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald -- were familiar to the Watergate Affair. Many of the agents involved in 1972 election sabotage can be connected to earlier sabotage. These include:
    Solidarists: CIA foundations, centered in Houston, working with the emigre community, many employed as scientists, oil operators. They were connected to the Mexican money washings, Siberian oil contracts and warfare production. Large donations to Nixon campaign, and Johnson's earlier, came from Houston and Dallas.
    American Council of Christian Churches: Shortly before LBJ died, he revealed that curiosity caused him to find the real assassins of President Kennedy. They were located in the Caribbean, called Murder, Inc. A series of Church fronts funded a school for assassins in Oaxaco, Mexico, dressed as missionaries. The same church people, interested in such activities, have direct contacts to important White House aides, FBI and CIA agents. Agency money is sent to churches who pass it to persons that they never met, and will not meet. This money hires assassins.
    Miami syndicate: Frank Sturgis delivered arms for Castro at one time, changed sides, and left the gambling tables he was charged with. From that time on, he attempted to "save" Cuba from Communists. Gambling was an important motive for anti-Castro hatreds. Bernard Barker, money man in the Miami area, worked for Batista's secret police. The Syndicate, hoping to return to control Cuba, hires Cuban exiles to promote disturbances.
    Cuban Exile Group, Free Cuba Committee: The Cuban exile community worked closely with government agencies and the Solidarists, coordinated by Division V of the FBI. Oil interests, geologists and gambling interests utilized exile Cubans for foot soldiers to help reclaim Cuba for particular purposes. Hatred of Communism was their common motivation for team work.
    The power and profit motives are played down, but financiers have always forced the White House to make military decisions, and have contributed millions to the campaigns to be assured that their desires become orders. Kennedy's refusal to
invade Cuba or kill Castro was one more proof he was not their man.
    Security Division of NASA: Headed by Werner von Braun. Nazi headquarters were moved to the Caribbean following World War II. The National Security Council, patterned from German intelligence, provided the espionage framework inside the White House for our political assassinations as well as the Watergate "plumbers" and election manipulations.
    Agents from Military intelligence and the armed forces were concealed inside defense projects.
    The Syndicate worked with the Defense Industrial Security Command.
    Robert Sheridan, appointed by George McGovern to "investigate Watergate for the Democrats," was the direct liaison to the departments involved in the Kennedy assassination. The Watergate parallels are too great to not suspect a continuous working of this operation.(28)

Part II