(published by Solar Powers Publishing in Santa Cruz, California)
March 17, 1988


Time of the Assassins

Monterey Bay area media lost one of its liveliest voices last week when Mae Brussell's World Watchers radio program, heard locally on KAZU and KKUP, aired its final broadcast. Brussell, who for the last 17 years has been weaving the threads of her tireless research into a vast tapestry of insight and speculation on what she terms "the Nazification of America," called it quits after a series of death threats persuaded her that she might be the next victim of the murky conspiracy she'd been working to expose for the better part of two decades.
    Regarded by some as a paranoid crackpot, Brussell nevertheless proved prescient in her analysis – long before the Christic Institute lawsuit or the Iran/contra scandal – of a secret right-wing cabal, composed of such characters as John Singlaub, Richard Secord and others, suspected of organizing assassinations and other dirty dealings behind the backs of the U.S. public. The murders of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and numerous other liberal and radical leaders were atributed by Brussell to a shadowy criminal conglomerate involving Nazi rocket scientists, the CIA, the Vatican, the Trilateral Commission, the Mafia, and the Knights of Malta. While at their wildest Brussell's speculations could seem farfetched, the connections she drew consistently between various individuals and events were always disturbingly thought-provoking and often quite persuasive.
    World Watchers was syndicated and played on a variety of non-commercial radio stations around the country, most recently on KPFK, the Pacifica affiliate in Los Angeles. The program was gaining listeners and attention when Brussell began receiving threats, presumably from the southland, declaring that if she persisted "we're gonna come up and blow your head off" and that she'd be disappeared and never found. One of the callers, Brussell says, made his political sympathies quite clear by saying, "I'm a fascist and I'm proud of it."
    Intimidation is certainly not unheard of as a terror tactic, but in this country the muzzling of free speech and open inquiry through such means is especially unsettling. Brussell, whose audience was far from mainstream, must have been on to something lately – perhaps the George Bush/cocaine connection via contra supply networks and Panama's General Noriega – that threatened the peace of mind of her antagonists. Ex-CIA director Bush, now a leading candidate for president, has long been one of Brussell's favorite "bleeding-heart fascists," whose deadly associations she took great delight in exposing.
    But as she was always reminding her listeners, the information she broadcast was gleaned from readily available sources – numerous newspapers, magazines and books – and anyone willing to take the time could make the connections along with her. People interested in pursuing such research can still subscribe to her weekly tapes and receive a running bibliography by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Mae Brussell, P.O. Box 22511, Carmel, CA 93922.* We'll miss her compelling on-air monologues but trust that her investigative energies have infected other researchers and activists who will carry on the task of exposing the sleazy underside of international affairs.

*No longer valid