Monterey Peninsula Herald
September 12, 1966 - p. 18

Letter Box
What's Your Opinion?

The Kennedy Killing

Editor, The Herald:

    Mark Lane's "Rush to Judgement" reviewed in The Herald recently is unusual for many reasons. Every statement of fact has a number and a reference. All of his remarks were taken from either the "Warren Report," or from the "Hearings and Testimony" before the commission, which sells for $75 from the U.S. government printing office. I own both the report and the hearings. I have read all of the 26 volumes, all 26,000 pages.
    It is asserted by critics that "without a shred of evidence" to support him, Lane implies that the fusilade which cut down President Kennedy in Dallas originated not from the Texas School Book Depository but from a knoll in front of the Presidential caravan.
    I disagree with the critics.
    Eminent ballistics experts, physicists, pathologists, criminologists have proved beyond any doubt that this was a fact. Street witnesses, law enforcement officials, medical experts support this. The Commission Report, in order to make it even plausible that the shots came from the direction they wanted you to believe, found it necessary to destroy physical proof of shot directions.
    The car interior, in which Mr. Kennedy was shot, was flown almost immediately to Michigan where it was completely destroyed. A street sign was removed, as was a lamp post in front of the depository.
    Mr. Kellerman, secret service agent in the car with President Kennedy, heard a "flurry of bullets". Governor Connally's clothes went from Parkland Hospital to the apartment of a Texas Congressman in Washington on Nov. 23, 1963. From there they were "dry cleaned and pressed."
    According to F.B.I. experts, this vital evidence was destroyed, thus making opinions as to shot directions "impossible." Original autopsy papers were burned, police notes were thrown away. Crucial sections of the Zapruder film were deleted from the motorcade.
    I am not writing about all the evidence destroyed, but only that which concerned proof of shot directions. Even with the destruction of all this, there is enough testimony on this subject to cause concern.
    It is implied that people padded their pockets after the Lincoln assassination, making money by selling rumors. The situation is not comparable. People searching facts today are not getting money, but bullets in their heads.
    Three witnesses who testified their lives had been threatened before appearing before the Commission have all died. One was hung, another shot through the head, another from cyanide.
    Every researcher or photographer who goes to Dallas today and questions the Warren Report is told by the police to "get out of town."
    Witnesses interviewed are frightened, harassed, and hounded. It is a city of silence, of terror, fear, and panic. At least thirty major witnesses or parties directly involved in the assassination have either "died", been injured, left town permanently, or are missing.
    The report does read like a "Perry Mason Scenario". It is also similar to the theater of the absurd or "Alice In Wonderland". President Kennedy is buried under a heap of soil and also under a layer of moral callousness.
    There is already vast literature on this subject and at least six good books. Read them!