Fluoride is an industrial toxic waste by-product that is collected from the smoke stacks of major industries. Water fluoridation is a reason why bone cancer, brain damage, gum disease, and hip & knee replacement is common in the USA. 97% of Europe does not fluoride their water.

Fluoride DOES NOT prevent cavites in teeth, and is especially harmful to children in their formative years.

In 2011 all seven board members of the Santa Clara Valley Water District (in California) voted unanimously to begin fluoridating the water supply, which is scheduled to begin in summer 2017. The seven members of the Water Board were:

Donald Gage, District 1 dgage@valleywater.org

 Joe Judge, District 2 jjudge@valleywater.org

 Richard Santos, District 3 rsantos@valleywater.org

Linda LeZotte, District 4 llezotte@valleywater.org


Patrick Kwok, District 5 pkwok@valleywater.org

Tony Estremera, District 6 testremera@valleywater.org

Brian Schmidt, District 7 bschmidt@valleywater.org





On June 9, 2015 the current board members voted unanimously to build the facilities to add fluoride to our tap water. The current board members are: Linda LeZotte, Gary Kremen, Richard Santos, Tony Estremera, Barbara Keegan, Dennis Kennedy and Nai Hsueh.

Below are five audio files on fluoride. They total 75 minutes and will fit perfectly onto a regular audio CD. Make thousands of them! The printing on the discs could look something like this. The printing on back of the CD sleeves could look something like this.

Distribute them to as many people, front porches, and car windshields as possible.

Also, make a sign similar to this one and post copies on as many publicly viewed places as possible.

With a little luck we can stop this criminal activity. The board members will be so embarrassed, ashamed, and humiliated from the widespread exposure they will be compelled to reverse their decision to dump this toxic waste into the public water supply.

~ Good Luck ~