Bibliography sheet for tape #838 December 28, 1987   Side 2


"Israelis Arrest hundreds, Issue Order to Shoot Riot Leaders", MH 12/24/87

"Sources: Moles Among Israeli Spies" Miami Herald 12/14/87 Pollard secrets to USSR, moles, Mossad.



"Controversy over war Record Restricts his Presidency", LAT 12/21/87

"Austria Confronts Issue that Won't go Away, Resignation debated" WP 12/20/87

2. RONALD REAGAN: "Reagan Administration's Ethics are Under Siege" WP 12/17/87

3. NORTHROP: "Cruise Missile Tests Allegedly Faked" SJM 12/29/87 32 executives removed from key management.


Scandalous diversion of millions of taxpayers money, 17 yrs, fraudulent operations, making gifts, mementos, sent via Dept of Energy.

5. FAA: False reporting of air crashes, "RASH OF CRASH HOAXES". SJM 12/21/87 Detailed, false reports of medical evacuation helicopters. Accidents didn't happen.

6. SAN FRANCISCO POLICE: "S.F. Police Misinform state, FBI, about Murder, arrest statistics for past ten years". SF EX 12/21/87 Routinely misinformed about the number murdered, didn't report murders. Wrong number about rapes. Lies about "solved murders", wrote unsolved as "solved".

7. REV. MOON: "Moonies Bilk Japanese out of millions", SJM 12/20/87 Marble pagoda, worth $3,000, sold for $66,000. Ward off death of family. Bilking widows, 14, 579 victims, $165,000,000. Funds to US politicians. Blame communists.

8. EDWIN MEESE: "Meese Probe focuses on his Stock Dealings" DCT 12/18/87

"Meese Amends Financial file to Show Bigger Stock Trades", NYT 12/20/87

"3 Wedtech men indicted, Meese attorney, financial advisors", SFC 12/23/87 Charged with Racketeering, Fraud in Work, meshed with Meese funds.

9. IVAN BOESKY: "Boesky May be only the First to Fall" SFX 12/19/87 Going to jail. $100,000,000 penalty, made insider trading profitable.

10. MICHAEL DEAVER: "Deaver Book a Study of Betrayal", Miami Her. 12/14/87 "Behind The Scenes" is not a pretty sight. Sold out for $500,000 fee.

"Prosecuting Deaver Expected to Cost Taxpayers $1,000,000" WP 12/17/87

"Deaver Conviction exposes White House Corruption" PDW 12/23/87

"Deaver Found Guilty of Lying about Lobbying" WP 12/15/87

11. NAVY SEALS: "U.S. Widens Corruption Probe of Navy Hostage Rescue Team". WP 12/18/87

Seal Team Six indictments, commando team, kickbacks, false claims for labor and material. Suspected bribery, conflict of interest, contracts.

12. CONTRAS AND DRUGS: "Lawmakers seek write in probe of contra-cocaine allegations".

Sen. Foreign Relations Comm. wants Justice to turn over records of SF case of Julio Zavala who was selling cocaine for CONTRA FUNDS. Linked to 1983 "frogmen case", largest cocaine bust in West Coast history. Meese, Justice "foot dragging, refused to release records".

SF EX "Contra leader, Octaviano Cesar, Costa Rica, CIA connected, cleared." 12/18/87 Cesar solicited money from major cocaine traffickers, he was liaison to CIA. Financial assistance from George Morales in 1984.

13. GEORGE BUSH: "BUSH WAS SOLID BACKER OF IRAN DEAL" WP 12/18/87 Memo of John Poindexter links Bush to Iran arms deal.

"Bush Parties with North, Poindexter" SFC 12/22/87 X-mas party, Bush invites people who destroyed his links to earlier Iran arms deals.

14. JUDGE DOUGLAS GINSBURG: "Justice Dept. begins Formal Investigation of Ginsburg's Cable Television antitrust rulings." S.F. Ex. 12/23/87

15. ABUSE OF NAVAJO INDIANS: "Navajo Indian Leader tells Congress Abuses Mar Relocation Plans. " NYT 12/13/87.

New homes built without water, uneven floors, hole in foundations, leaks, inadequate insulation, uncompleted. 10,000 Navajos ordered to move in 1974. Relocation programs poor.