Bibliography sheet for tape #387 May 4, 1979   Side 2

GUYANA.   Produced by CIA.

See tapes #385, #386 for background on Colonia Dignidad. Counterspy, Dec. 1978, Konrad Ege.

COMPARISONS    Colonia Dignidad, C.D. and Jonestown, J.

 C.D.   Paul Schaefer controlled people through confessions, dependence.
 J.   Jim Jones controlled through signed confessions, admitted killing people, heads of state, and other crimes.
 C.D.   Wages of workers donated. Tax exempt status. Slave labor without pay.
 J.   Wages of members donated. Tax exempt. Everything turned to "Dad."
 C.D.   A few "leaders" established a system of total control over members.
 J.   A few white "leaders" established control over members. Lies, schemes.
 C.D.   Preached breaking up families to be "free", got more control.
 J.   Broke up husbands and wives, parents and children, for more control.
 C.D.   Parents unable to visit families, children. Isolated from contact.
 J.   Families separated, isolated from contact back and forth.
 C.D.   Dissidents were supressed brutally. Drugs, Beatings, Electric shock.
 J.   Dissidents, critics were beaten, drugged, isolated until quited.
 C.D.   Schaefer and Hermann Schmidt, president of Colonia Dignidad, arrived in Chile with high letters of recommendations, "model of efficiency".
 J.   Jim Jones arrived in Guyana with glowing letters of humanitarianism.
 C.D.   Land purchased by CITAL, Italian Real Estate Co., 1961, in Chile.
 J.   Land observed by Jones, 1963, lease, began in 1973, after visit to CIA station at Mathew's Ridge.
 C.D.   Contact of children to family in Germany, after arrival in Chile, ended. A few letters, or one back home.
 J.   Contact with family from Guyana scarce. Form letters, censored, similar. (Identical to description in Alternative #3, missing people)
 C.D.   Radio transmitters, Chile to Germany, used for leaders, not members.
 J.   Radio transmitters, Guyana to San Francisco, for leaders, not members.
 C.D.   Had special status in Chile, even with Salvadore Allende, Democrats.
 J.   Had special status in Georgetown, Guyana. Govt. agents visited, "everything O.K." in Jonestown.
 C.D.   Prominent signatures in Colony guestbooks.
 J.   Prominent signatures supported Jones' Temple. U.S. Atty. B. Hunter, D.A. Bill Freitas, Mrs. R. Carter, Grand Jury, Ukiah, S.F. Mayor G. Moscone.
 C.D.   Deaths of persons at Colonia Dignidad never investigated.
 J.   Deaths of Jim Jones' members never investigated.
 C.D.   Protected by news media. Exposures called "defamation campaign".
 J.   Protected today by all media. Murders called "suicides" of mad man.